Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Thick Waistline?

Even when I was young and thin I had a thick waistline. Dieting and exercise can not change your body's basic shape, but it certainly can make you look your best.

In addition to being in your best physical shape, you can use fashion to look more balanced. One of the magical things about fashion and being aware of your body is that you can camouflage or obscure the bits you aren't particularly happy with.

The pale aqua poncho above is by J.Jill. This one is light and airy so it can be worn even in summer. Wear it with a slim fitting pair of slacks and a pretty pair of wedge sandals.

A low slung belt worn below the natural waistline can also elongate and disguise a thick waistline.

One of the reasons I love Covered Perfectly so much is that a multitude of tummy hiding very comfortable tops and cascading vests are offered in the line.

The simple comfort tunic from Covered Perfectly looks fabulous alone or with a jacket or vest. The black vest below is old from Chico's. Wear an animal print belt a little below your natural waistline and it will appear you have an hourglass shape.

Tunics have always been one of my favorite items of clothing. A high-low hemline makes me really happy.

Loose fitting cotton tanks such as this one from J.Jill worn with a long duster from Chico's last year along with slim fitting pants and a long necklace make a great combination. 

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