Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saturday in Asheville

We often drive across the mountains to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon in Asheville.

On this day I wore a metallic gold open weave cardigan with a white tank and a long necklace from Chico's. The khaki jeans are from T.J.Maxx. The bag is from the Coach Outlet. The shoes are from Shoe Carnival.

We love the scenic views of the mountains along the Interstate 26 drive even on a cloudy day.

Sidewalk cafés abound in Asheville. We enjoy strolling through galleries and shops and then stopping for awhile in a café to watch people and listen to the street performers who are often really good. 

Many people bring their dogs along so there are often doggie dishes outside the cafés and shops.

Later in the day we couldn't resist the wonderful chocolate truffles at The Chocolate Fetish. One for you... one for me...

"I started playing dress up when I was three and it will continue until I can no longer buckle my platforms." ... my own quote. 
Mr. Mickey said I should share it with you.

The rain finally started to fall after six o'clock so we made our way back to the parking garage after another lovely afternoon in Asheville.

While we were shopping at Dillard's today I found a fabulous pair of white boyfriend jeans made by KUT. Do you know of them? This is my first pair of both boyfriend style jeans and the brand KUT. I will share them in a later post. I never wear white pants on a rainy day because the water spots on the back of the legs caused from walking on wet sidewalks often causes permanent stains. 

Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Time for Summer Sales!

I love this great light weight jacket from Chico's.

Mr. Mickey and I stopped at the Asheville Chico's a few weeks ago so that I could look through their sale racks. When I saw this jacket it took my breath away. It is the lightest nothing weight fabric ever! I knew immediately it was for me since I can wear it out to dinner even on the hottest summer night. The silver, gold and black colors along with the bamboo shaped black buttons and the Asian influence in the styling made it different enough to stand out. It was also more than 50% off with a store wide sale including already marked down items.

The tank is from the Chico's outlet in Blowing Rock. The brocade pants and the necklace were found on the sale rack in my local Chico's last year. The shoes are from Ross. The handbag is so old I am not certain where I found it but it was likely T.J.Maxx. 

At this stage of life I have most of the pieces I need in my closet so shopping has become an occasional sport. When I visit a store it is because I know it is time for the end of season sales. If something catches my eye and I know it will go with many of the other items in my closet it might get to come home with me. Many times I walk away with nothing. 

This jacket was also my reward for losing the weight I gained over Christmas. I never reward myself with the food that caused the problem in the first place. I have a friend who recently told me "As soon as I lose this last five pounds I'm going to eat at (her favorite fast food place)." My response was "Why start over? Buy yourself a great fitting pair of jeans that you love instead."

Happy summer sale shopping to you!

Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Classics

White jeans with a black or navy top is such a great classic summer look!

The nude sandals with cork soles and the red clutch are from T.J.Maxx. The turquoise earrings added some pizzazz and complement the stones in my ring and the link bracelet toggle. 

The sunglasses are by Kenneth Cole Reaction via T.J.Maxx. The earrings and the ring were gifts from Mr. Mickey.

The black rayon and knit combination top and the white zipper ankle jeans are from Chico's.

Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wear It Wednesday, Handbags

"Why do you change your handbag so often?"

Some form of this question is asked so often so I thought I would discuss handbags today on Wear It Wednesday.

My handbag is part of my outfit and not limited to utilitarian service. 

For evening or dressier events I always slip only the items I will need into a small clutch that complements what I am wearing.

Most of my bags are arranged in this built in shelf in my closet.

 Any bag that comes with a dust cover is stored inside it.

This red bag from Tahari via T.J.Maxx is one of my favorites but I never carry it if there is a chance of rain because it will spot. Taking care of my bags ensures that they will last for a long time. I keep most of them for years. 

Always store your bags stuffed with tissue paper so that they don't loose their shape. Keep all that tissue they wrap your clothes in when you shop to stuff your bags.

I don't carry a lot of things around with me. I keep small items such as dental floss, a small pair of scissors, a nail file, lip gloss, an ink pen and small note pad in a makeup bag. Business cards, lotion, keys, a small mirror, eyeglasses, my phone and a clutch style wallet are normally what you find in my bag.

This makes it easy to slip only what I need including the lip gloss color that complements what I am wearing into a smaller bag for the evening or switch to a different one for the day.

Thank you for joining me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jeans and White

On Saturday we had a project to work on and a few errands to run.

Nothing special was planned and it rained in the morning so I wore ankle zip jeans with a white tank and an open weave sweater from Chico's. 

The sweater hem is higher in the front and lower in the back. I think it was from the Chico's Traveler's collection. I recently found it on the sale rack.

The statement necklace made from a series of gold and silver chains in different sizes is from Chico's also. The bag is from Coach Outlet. The shoes are from T.J.Maxx.

I hope you have a great weekend!
Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mr. Mickey's Birthday Celebration

The celebration was held a on Sunday June 8th at the Carnegie Hotel in Johnson City. 

More than one hundred of our closest friends and family members joined us to celebrate Mr. Mickey's 80th birthday which was on June 6th.

 Susan, Mickey's daughter Regina and Mr. Mickey

The party is this way!

There were lots of funny cards to read. We have some very creative friends!

Very dear long time friends!

Mr. Mickey was the guest of honor but 
he was also a big part of the entertainment. 
He kept everyone laughing throughout the whole party.

Regina and I started out cutting and serving the cakes but the hotel staff quickly felt sorry for us and took over. This was a job for the professionals!

Everyone enjoyed being together, visiting with old friends and making new ones.

Life long friends Ben and Natalie with Mr. Mickey

With dear friends, Jerry and Rose Sorrell.

There were three different invitations sent out. Mr. Mickey even had a postage stamp made with his picture on it!

I wore all black items from Chico's including a lace front waterfall Traveler's cardigan, tank and black jeans. The necklace is also from Chico's and the turquoise stone earrings are from Stein Mart. The BCBGeneration shoes are from Ross.

Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wear It Wednesday ... The Skin You Are In

Looking your best starts with glowing skin.

When I posted this photo a few weeks ago, there were numerous comments about my skin and my courage to be in a closeup with a woman who may not even be twenty yet. That's me with Abby Hathorn who is also a blogger at VintageInspiredPassionista. (There is no filter on the camera and I do not even know how to use Photoshop.) My skin is not as firm and smooth as Ms Hathorn's but in three months I will be fifty eight and she is about twenty years old.

I have also been asked many times about my skin care routine for the whole body, not just the face.

Our skin is constantly shedding and flaking off as new cells replace old ones. We often add oils and lotions to our skin which also produces it's own natural oils. The cells that should flake off can't which leaves our skin not looking so smooth and clear. The skin can look a bit ashy instead of clean and bright or even break out because of trapped oils.

 The secret weapons for my best skin include a natural bristle body brush, clean wash cloth, olive oil or coconut oil.

This natural bristle brush comes with a detachable handle and can be found in most drug stores as well as Walmart. I use the brush on my body before each shower. Sit down and relax while gently rubbing the brush in small circles over your whole body except for the face. Start with the feet and always work toward your heart. This sloughs off dead skin cells but it also helps with circulation. 

Hot water on a clean wash cloth massaged into my face each morning feels wonderful. I use hot tap water as warm as my hands can tolerate and massage my face with the cloth until it starts to cool. Repeat this eight times. Follow with eight cold massages. Splash with cool water and then dry. 

Before bed each night massage olive oil or coconut oil onto your face and body. After about five minutes it has absorbed and your skin will feel smooth and soft. 

I use many items from the kitchen for skin care because I experience the least amount of reactions such as redness and puffiness. A great exfoliant for the face (avoid the eye area) is sugar or salt mixed with your favorite cleanser. I use Neutrogena Liquid each morning and evening. I also use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen, SPF 100 daily. I often wear a hat when I will be outside for long periods.

What you put in your body is important too! 

This pretty cut glass pitcher full of spring water and the juice of two organic lemons or cucumber slices is the first thing I see when I open my fridge. This is the water I sip all day.

Other items in this fridge are what contribute to healthy skin and body. Fresh fruit, unsalted natural nuts, seeds and plain Greek yogurt are other items you will almost always find in my fridge. (Lower right corner... I wash grapes and keep them in a colander with a wet paper towel over them to keep them crunchy and fresh tasting.)

Get six or seven hours of sleep each night. Drink a glass of wine occasionally if you wish. Eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. Go for a brisk walk each morning for about a half hour.

Now you know all my secrets. Happy Wear It Wednesday!

 Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Snap Shots from Paris ... of the south.

Mr. Mickey's daughters gave him a weekend at the fabulous Windsor Boutique Hotel in Asheville for his birthday/father's day gift. Lucky me! I got to tag along.

The first stop along the way was the Johnson City Farmer's Market to pick up a special order from a local glass etching artist for Mr. Mickey's wine room.

I am always drawn to the flowers.

Our next stop was at the top of the mountain for a rest stop. The views along Interstate 26 are awe inspiring. We never tire of this journey.

My look for the first part of the day includes a light weight cardigan, tank and cropped pants all from Stein Mart's Peck and Peck collection. The shoes were found at T.J. Maxx. The necklace is from Chico's. 

We took a break from shopping and walking at the Grove Arcade to have some of our favorite spicy pimento cheese at Carmel's. It was great weather for visiting a sidewalk café!

At last... it was time to check into our room at the elegant Windsor Hotel. The two girly girls are reunited! With me is Laura Cousins, the Creative Art Director for the hotel.

A bottle of local wine was Mr. Mickey's birthday gift from the hotel management!

A beautiful Paris note pad from Laura was a gift for me!

The city of Asheville has many buildings that date from the 1800's.

We visited Art in the Park in the center of Asheville in Pack Square Park.

For our afternoon stroll through the city I changed into a light weight tie front blouse from Chico's.

No surprise here! 
I am checking out the jewelry.

More street performers at Pack Square.

This is a new place we plan to try for dinner the next time we visit Asheville. Rhubarb has a sidewalk dining area as well as a newly decorated inside dining area that is very elegant. We had a glass of wine and a delicious cheese plate as we took another afternoon break from walking about and shopping.


These street performers were probably the best we've ever heard. They are the Carolina Catskins.

After a short rest it was time to get ready for dinner at the fabulous Strada

I am wearing a long white tunic blouse and a silver and white long light weight cardigan with white ankle zip jeans from Chico's. The turqouise and silver necklace and silver cuff are also from Chico's.

Another landmark across from our hotel. Tressa's has been around for many years.

On Sunday we had brunch at another favorite place, Pasano Café

For the trip home I wore a black and white sheer light weight top and black jeans from Chico's.

I love visiting with dogs on the street. It seems everyone has a dog or two. These were so cute!

Another great street performer. He made this hammer dulcimer himself!

One last treat for the afternoon. We have been wanting to visit Old Europe for a long time. It did not disappoint!
I'm not going to eat again until Tuesday!

I thought you would enjoy seeing Mr. Mickey's socks. Shows his sense of humor, don't you think?

 Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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