Thursday, January 26, 2012

Grand Petite Possibilities

She is five feet, two inches tall, and carries a few extra pounds. Her bottom half is a bit rounder and fuller than her top half. This is the silhouette of many women. If this description fits you, you already know that those runway models who look like twelve-year-old boys in a growth spurt have little in common with you.

The styles are shown as the example we should emulate for this season often will make you look even more round and short.

This image shows you some of the styles that might not be the best choice for your body type.

Shapeless cardigan sweaters in a dull color really don't flatter anyone. This one appears to stop at the widest part of your hips. That's something you should always avoid.

Bulky sweaters in bold color combinations with horizontal patterns or strips will break your body into even smaller, wider portions.  The same rule applies to bulky stiff jackets and fluffy faux fur, and quilted parka type jackets. You should look for sleek, supple textures in colors that complement your skin tone and blend with the other colors in your closet. One-color in different hues will literally add the illusion of height and less volume to your shape.

A dress with too many patterns, layers, or details can add pounds and make you look even shorter. Look instead for a simple, sleek line of one color in a fit that flatters your shape and wear it with accessories that lift the eyes to your face. The hem should be at the smallest part of your leg. In most cases, the most flattering hemline will be just below your knee.

Your shoes and boots should also be sleek and simple with a low heel. Chunky shoes and boots will always add pounds. On the other end of the mistake scale is the too slender high heel worn with thick calves. Always consider proportion and fit when investing in new footwear. If they only look good when you are sitting down with your legs crossed, they might not be a good investment.

Wearing socks with a dress and heels is not flattering on anyone.

Shown below are some selections that will more likely flatter your petite frame. The lines are simple and classic. The accessories are scaled in proportion to your body. The pieces can be mixed and matched to get more from your wardrobe. Good things do come in small packages!

Thanks for reading!