Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wednesday Date Night!

Mickey and I have a fun tradition of getting dressed for dinner and having a mid-week date night. When he picks me up for our date we leave our stressful first part of the week behind us and relax with a light meal and a glass of wine. We visit with old friends or make some new ones and unwind for a couple of hours. This breaks up the week and relieves some of the stress of running our businesses and maintaining our homes. It also gives me the chance to wear the shoes I might not otherwise wear!

The three elements of my outfit are all from Coldwater Creek in the Peerless Shopping Center in Johnson City. The black and cream sheer blouse has an uneven hem which dips to a curve in the back. The cream tank has tiny straps which are adjustable. The cream linen type pants are the Natural Fit.

 The secret to a happy relationship is to be with the one that makes you giggle!
Hair by Allison at Reflections Salon and SPA in Johnson City. 

Earrings by me. All the components can be found on my web site

Always switch to a small bag for evening. You really only need lip gloss, tissues, business cards, cash and or a charge card. No need to lug your life around when you are only going to dinner. Evening bag by Kenneth Cole Reaction. I layered two fun "diamond" rings for drama.

A pedicure is a great time to relax and make sure you have healthy happy feet. For me those toes are an important summer accessory. The OPI nail polish is the color Dutch Tulips. Danielle at Austin Springs SPA is great at what she does. 

Shoes by Impo.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great rest of the week.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Celebrating Stylish Friends!

We are a group of friends who love to get together with Rose, the wonderful friend we all have in common. She and her sweet husband Jerry, recently invited all of us along with our significant others over for brunch. I'm so glad my dear Mickey took this picture of us standing on the steps. (When you live on a hillside at the lake, you have lots and lots of steps.) This picture speaks to me on many levels. We are all vibrant healthy attractive normal women from all walks of life and in many stages of life. This is a true picture of women. Why do the 2% that are twenty something, perfectly thin, tall and stunningly beautiful represent all of us in catalogs and magazines? I believe that the day a company decides to use real people in their advertising, their business will skyrocket. I celebrate women who have fun with current styles and yet still maintain their dignity and present a confident appearance that turns heads at any age.

One of the greatest things about this stage of our lives is that we now have some time to get comfortable with who we are, being with friends sharing laughter and the stories of our lives. Whether you are my Facebook friend or one who lives down the street, I'm so grateful to have you in my life.

The style sets that I create on Polyvore are wildly popular. A few of the sets are shown below. Visit FiftynotFrumpy to see more and to find out where all these elements can be purchased.

My blog and Facebook page (Fifty, not Frumpy) are dedicated to women who might be over fifty but are still having fun with fashion and enjoying life. Here's to you beautiful ladies! May the second half of your life be even more fulfilling and exciting than the first.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Easy Breezy Summer Afternoons

I'm wearing khaki ankle pants with a soft floral blouse from Coldwater Creek and Nine West shoes. The sunglasses and bangle bracelets are in brown tones and bone with brass accents.

I'm comfortable and casual for hanging out by Mickey's pool in the pavilion with friends.

Yesterday we went for a drive to the mountains of North Carolina. When we arrived in Blowing Rock it was quite a bit cooler than it was here in Johnson City. I stopped in to visit one of my favorite boutiques, The Fig Leaf Ltd where I bought this Damee swing jacket. It is a soft taupe/silver color with a bit of sparkle to it. The classic styling means I will be wearing it for years to come. I love the collar details, the three quarter length sleeves and three large buttons. I'm also wearing black Travelers pants from Chicos and a black tee underneath the jacket. My earrings are large silver hoops with tiny Swarovski crystal details within the hoops.  The platform pony-skin sandals are by Vince Camuto. When wearing a dramatic style jacket such as this I always keep all my other accessories minimal. It is enough of a statement on its own. One must be careful not to over accessorize because that can make you look older and cluttered. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great week.