Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hot Weather Dressing

What do you wear when the temps climb into the 90's?

We rarely have hot weather like that here. For those days, I have a couple of short sleeve tops that only get worn when it is too hot for anything else. This blue cross wrapped front top is old from Chico's. The white jeans are by NYDJ last year from Dillard's end of season sale.

The shoes from Nordstrom.

Now for the takeaway tips for this outfit. If I show skin on top, such as bare arms or a low neckline, I cover up on the bottom. 

When I wear boot cut jeans, I never wear heels with them. The silhouette just isn't right. I always wear flats or low boots with long jeans ending in a wider leg opening such as these.

I save my trendy heeled sandals to wear with a straight leg and ankle-length pants. 

The cross wrapped style of the blouse and the half-tuck are perfect for those of us who have less than flat, smooth middles.

Here is one of my favorite cross wrapped style tops from Covered Perfectly. I also love those three-quarter length sleeves!

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Anonymous said...

Wow...u look great, so classy and put together better than many 35 yr olds