Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Very Casual

Relaxing at home, watching kids play sports, or going to the Farmer's Market are times that call for comfortable casual clothes.

This week on the blog, I am breaking all my styling rules. Today it's no straight horizontal lines at the neckline. I am also visually cutting my body in half instead of dividing it into thirds. The horizontal line at the center of my body visually breaks me in half.  I would have looked even shorter and wider if the shoes were darker and the bag was carried under my arm as a shoulder bag. Since I have broad shoulders and an ample bust, I try not to add more width there visually with horizontal lines.

A woman with a long thin face, smaller shoulders and a smaller bust looks great in a boatneck. The fact that this one is a gorgeous dark navy is the only reason I can carry it off.

I channeled Jackie O on her Isle of Capri visits when I put together this look. Large Kenneth Cole sunglasses and the straw tote are both old from T.J. Maxx. Also, note that my glasses are square to offset my roundish face and Jackie often wore round ones for her square shaped face.

When choosing an icon to emulate, it helps to pick one that has a shape and a style of dressing that is close to your own. I have always admired Jackie's classic style, but her boyish figure was very different than mine. While the overall style is clean classic and timeless, her exact looks make me appear to be shorter and rounder. I have to make a few adjustments to flatter my shorter and more busty figure.

The top, the pants, and the shoes were all sent to me by J.Jill.

I adore these comfortable pull-on pants from J.Jill. They are perfect for my morning walks around the neighborhood and working at home in my office. I own several pairs of them. This top is made from a sturdy pima cotton knit that is extra soft and comfortable without showing every roll and dimple. These Superga® classic sneakers feel even better than going barefoot! 

I have been a loyal fan of J.Jill as a source for elegant yet comfortable classic looks for more than fifteen years.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

Created in collaboration with J.Jill
All words, styling, and creative direction are my own.


Missy said...

You have come up with another awesome summer look! All of us have these separates in our closet and you have given us some new styling tricks. Wearing the gray slip - ons , buying the most flattering sunglass shape and carrying the straw tote are all great additions to refining our style. You look so fresh and young in this simple summer option.

Anonymous said...

I have taken your advice on not using shoulder bags. I never realized how they can add pounds at the hip and tummy area. I do use a crossbody bag when I am traveling just for convenience. But the crossbody is a far cry from the old fanny packs of a few years ago. Thank you for your postings. I look forward to seeing them.

Unknown said...

Love white and blue combination.

KC said...

I love this look, Susan! You look great and ready for a fun, active day! This is how I like to dress most days, since I have a casual lifestyle of working at home and infrequent social events to attend. Thank you for the detailed information about styles for face shape and body type. I am about the same height and weight as you, but pear shaped, which presents a problem for wearing white pants. I have tried them on in stores, but never buy since I think they make me look bigger. I do plan to try the pants you have shown here, since they are not form-fitting. Maybe with a longer dark top I would feel less self conscious!