Saturday, April 16, 2016

Building Blocks

Have you ever thought of the pieces in your wardrobe as architectural building blocks?

Do most of those blocks work together to create a cohesive look, or are they scattered bits of unrelated pieces that have little in common? Think of a building designed and built using classic lines and details that relate to each other and include balanced proportions. The elements of a building that complement each other combine to create a whole that is pleasing to the eye.

This look serves me well throughout most of the warm weather months. I enjoy wearing flowing tunics with interesting hemlines and three-quarter length sleeves. These tops work well with most of my straight leg pull-on jeans. I look for pants with a smooth wide waistband so that lumps and bumps from regular jean style pants don't show through the fabric of the tunic. The long, lean line created by the straight legs balances the fullness of the tunics.

Add a bold necklace or a stack of related but different bracelets and some eye-candy shoes, and I am ready to go anywhere!

Notice the details. I have created a bookend effect by repeating the turquoise blue in the necklace with the same color of shoes. A bookend effect can also mean matching your hair color with your shoe color. Bookending means that you are beginning and ending your look with a similar color or tone within a color.

The gold reptile effect on the heels relates back to the gold bamboo effects on the straw clutch and also the gold details in the necklace.

The Vince Camuto shoes are old from Ross. The Lily Pulitzer clutch is old from Finely House Couture.

Combining various hues within a color can create a very soothing effect. For example, tan, paprika, and ivory are all in the brown family, and they look rich and elegant when worn together.

You can always combine the hues of a color combination with one of your neutrals. For example, my cool skin tone base neutrals include black and white. Your warm skin tone base neutrals might be brown and ivory.

The navy blue Clara Sunwoo top was sent to me by ShopMyFairLady.

Note the odd closure of the necklace visible in this photo. I tied the too long necklace strands in a loose knot and then closed it. It hangs too long, resting between the girls in a most unattractive way. We busty gals must be careful with necklaces and bags that are worn across or between the breasts. Unfortunate choices can share way too much information. I prefer not to draw even more attention to that area.


Unknown said...

I love the new block heels, even though I only wear flats.

Andrea said...

Great look! The blue and white looks great together! And such fabulous shoes!!!

And I always enjoy reading when you explain why you wear what you wear.

RoseAG said...

I like block or cube heels too. I don't go over 2" because I can't walk naturally with heels any higher. That block shape is really good for me because it's solid when walking. With heels that are narrow I'm prone to ankle turns.

christy said...

Such a great look on you. Love those colour combos. I have really enjoyed reading all your recent posts on what you wear and why.

elaine said...

I love the architectural analogy!

Elaine@Following Augustine

Unknown said...

That is a stunning look on you, Susan. I've enjoyed all your blogs this week but especially like these with the tunics. Can you tell us how the sizes run at Shop My Fair Lady? My ample bust makes it difficult to find a size that works. Mediums are usually too tight in that area but most larges hang like a gunny sack on me. Thank you so much for all your tips and advice.

Beckey said...

I adore everything about this look!! I can see myself wearing a very similar outfit this summer

Unknown said...

Very pretty! Color, style, everything!

Joanne said...

Susan, do the jeans run true to size? I love those! I have a black pair of NYDJ that looke like these and love them!

Missy said...

Now I know why I dislike cross body bags! Thanks for showing how a showstopper necklace can give the boho look without the boho top. Having the lean long top is far more flattering for a woman's figure. The book ending concept is something I will try. Usually, I match shoes to the color of the pants but breaking the line with color is more interesting. Your shoes deserve a beautiful closet.

Prairie Poulet said...

I like to pick color combinations for separates from a print top. Whatever colors are in the print will work elsewhere in your outfit and accessories. This is a foolproof and effortless way to combine colors without being too matchy.

Here's a tip for those who don't like wearing prints. Take a look at the newest prints in your favorite clothing store. Choose those colors from pieces you already have. Combine them, but wear solid colors.

The combination Susan chose is on trend, as I've seen those colors combined in prints at clothing stores right now.

Susan said...

The jeans do run true to size. I really like the way they feel and fit. There are many lines carried by These Clara Sunwoo tops tend to run a little large. I am wearing a medium here but I could easily wear a small. Thanks everyone for your kind words!