Sunday, April 3, 2016

Denim on Denim

Do you follow trends? Sometimes I do try a trendy combination.

Denim on denim isn't a new styling trick. Remember those acid washed denim jackets with matching acid wash denim jeans from back in the eighties? In fashion history, every trend comes back around about every twenty years and each time the younger generation thinks they invented it. I was wearing frayed and torn cut off jeans when I was sixteen also. You can breathe easy; I won't be revisiting that trend!

At this stage of life, I carefully consider all trends before I hop on board. I don't want to look as if I am still wearing the trend from the last time it was popular. My way of incorporating a trend now is to bring it up a notch and wear it in a more elegant way than a twenty-something might successfully wear a look. I know my body isn't the same even if she and I wear the same size. The way I style a trend can mean all the difference between feeling silly and being very confident and comfortable.

Slim fitting legging style jeans give me a smooth flat front to layer tops over without all those loops, and a snap and zipper showing through. I much prefer them worn with a long tunic top rather than a shorter top that shows more of the body. These wide waistband midnight blue jean style leggings are from Foxcroft. The material is soft and smooth, and the fit is true.

This tunic is also from Foxcroft and is made from Tencel, which is a supremely soft and comfortable material that can look like denim. I love the details of this tunic! From the face-flattering V formed by the Johnny Collar to the placement of the high small front pocket, the details all work well for me. The long sleeves mean I can wear the top open as a jacket look over a tank top as well as the way I wore it here. The high-low hem instantly makes me look five pounds thinner!

When I go with the denim on denim look, I always vary the intensity of the two colors so that there is a high contrast between the top and bottom.

For a casual look, I typically want most of my backside and the tops of my thighs covered by the tunic I am wearing. That is always a successful look for me when wearing a legging style pant. If the pull on pant is more loose fitting and dressy, I will often wear a shorter top layered with a longer jacket. This combination will break up the unflattering straight line of the hem of the jacket and the hem of the top stopping at the same point.

I wore this look to my warehouse and to run errands on a sunny day last week. I paired my tunic and leggings with shoes and a bag both by Calvin Klein. The bracelet is from French Kande. The rings are my classic standbys. They were gifts from Mr. Mickey years ago. The sunglasses are by Kenneth Cole Reaction via T.J.Maxx last year.

Nude shoes are my go-to color for warm weather, thanks to their slimming leg-lengthening effect. Nude means the color closest to your skin color.

Another styling tip that helps me look more up to date is not to button every button. If I am layering over another top, I might button only the two buttons in the center. Here I left the lower button undone. This looks more relaxed, but it also keeps the tops from wrinkling so much when I sit down. The seat belt causes wrinkles no matter how careful I am!

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

Created in collaboration with Foxcroft. 
All words, styling, and creative direction are my own.


Nancy said...

A wonderful post about a great way to adapt current trends to our lives. I feel the way you do - ripped jeans might have worked on my 20 year-old self, but I don't think it works for me today. Love your blog & Facebook pages - always terrific ideas & advice!

Vanity And Me said...

Do you remember making our jeans more flared by adding triangles of different coloured denim ? At our age we have seen a lot of trends come, go and come back again. You look fabulous here and I love those sandals.
Laurie x

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Foxcroft is such a great brand. Their garments rarely wrinkle and I love that! You are right trends can often be adapted and they do come and go and come and go. This is such a wonderful casual look! Pinned it!

Unknown said...

Well firstly . ..welcome to the 60's...
Love your style, you always remind me to shop my closet..first! Being a classic buyer I usually can find the look. Mostly my purchases these days are refurbishment and accessories .Foxcroft is fabulous. Happy to see they got into tunics/high low. Yesterday I browsed,my favorite local high end boutique..ideas galore. Plus a few goodies,Hammitt purse, Starrs scarf, Kendra Scott necklace. Can't wait to wear them in the mix. One item that has blown in everywhere . ..Caftans! Yes they Sri back!!

PAM said...

I am a new follower and have been really inspired by you. I follow the ETL eating for health but am still about 40# overweight. I cheat on desserts and bread too often. The last three days, after visiting your blog and being inspired, I am off sugar and bread. Yesterday, I wanted to cheat so I sat down at my computer and pulled up your blog and read older posts. It worked, I got past the urge and had a healthy snack and stayed on plan. I just wanted to let you know how helpful your story is to people you will probably never know. I am 6 years older than you and trying to pay more attention to my look. Don't want to be frumpy even at 65 and beyond! Thank you for your inspiration!!

Unknown said...

These are such great tips Susan! You look wonderful. I always love a hi/low hem for the instant slim effect. Have a great Sunday!

Joanne said...

I, too, have a denim tunic top that I wear over darker skinnies. I'm going to start leaving the bottom button undone to attain that casual vibe you mentioned. Love the high low back of your top. It's always flattering. You know what I love most about your blog? You explain why you put your outfit together in such a way. You have a great way of teaching without lecturing. Thank you for that!

thatkidsmom said...

I love this look! I have not tried Foxcroft before, but will do so now. Do you think this tunic will look as great on a large breasted woman?

Susan said...

It is being worn here by a woman who wears a size 36DD bra to give you an idea of how it might look on you thatkidsmom.

Prairie Poulet said...

I think I must be getting near the age when I have to give up jeans entirely. I was wearing my favorite Simon Chang dark wash bootcuts the other day when a person at the front desk of a business told me she recognized me from the doughnut shop where I served her coffee. Ouch. I don't work in a doughnut shop.

Kim said...

I've never ordered from Foxcroft before, but after this post I'm seriously thinking about giving it a try soon. Love those "smooth" skinny jeans.