Friday, April 8, 2016

Blue And White On Date Night

White pants are a wardrobe staple for me. 
I wear them all year round.

In the winter, I wear white denim jeans often on sunny days. When the weather finally warms up, I start looking for lighter weight fabrics in classic styling to wear with great looking jackets and tunics. I normally buy a size larger in white pants than in darker colors unless the sizes run large.

I am wearing a pair of ankle pants sent to me by Purple Poppy by Renuar. They have the slimming wide waistband shown below that I appreciate so much. When I wear a sleek tunic or tank, I never want closures and loops creating lumps and bumps under the fabric. Masculine style pants are never flattering on me. Always check to make sure you can not see through the fabric and always wear nude color undies with white because white undies will still show through. This link is to a Spanx foundation garment from Macy's that I wear often under sleek fitting tanks and tunics. It isn't heavy duty but it does give you a nice smooth line around your tummy area.

The swing jacket is from IC Collection. I bought this one at ShopMyFairLady. The tank top is from Chico's. I buy these in several different colors because I never know when I will need one to complement whatever I am wearing. A styling tip; when jackets converge to create an unflattering neckline, I leave them open to create a long lean line instead. A lower neckline is always more flattering for my face shape.

The shoes are old by Thalia and Sodi via Macy's last year. The box clutch bag is old from T.J.Maxx.

Mr. Mickey and I love to visit Gourmet and Company to sit in the lounge area or on the patio in warm weather. The elegant and comfortable, quiet atmosphere is the perfect place to relax and visit with friends even if you aren't having dinner there. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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RK said...

A beautiful shade of blue! It looks great with the white jeans and I love this pulled together yet simple look. The jeans and jacket are a brand I'm not familiar with and will now check out. Thanks for these ideas.

Jan Maier said...

I'm all about white jeans all of the time....question: why do you size up with them? I do love that rich shade of blue and the back of the jacket is very flattering. Have a good weekend.

Susan said...

Jan, when I wear tight dark jeans they look OK because they usually stretch out after an hour or so. If white jeans or any white pants are too tight I feel very "exposed". I got rid of my white leggings after one wearing last year even though they were very thick and couldn't be seen through. That is just not something I feel comfortable in on a psychological level. They just don't "feel" right.

Prairie Poulet said...

I have to do the opposite: light colours on top, dark on the bottom. My shape is a pear or triangle (so hate being named after a fruit).

White doesn't work in the winter where there's snow, slush, sand, salt and gravel that inevitably end up as splash marks on light-coloured coats and bottoms. Whatever is in those splash marks doesn't wash out.

I also find that with my long neck and pear-triangle shape, collarless jackets are a no-go. Tried it...not good! I need detail on top.

But I still like Susan's looks and learn from her wisdom. What I learn is to put my best foot forward and find beautiful colors, shapes and accessories for my body at my age. It takes effort, but these looks are out there. Still not there yet, but working on it.

elaine said...

I've never worn white pants, but I recently added an ankle length pair to my fashion wish list. Thanks for the inspiration!

As one who wears flats, I also really appreciate the alternate shoe suggestions that you've been including lately. Again, thank you, Susan!

Elaine@Following Augustine

Catia from Leuli said...

very elegant and flattering blue color. Thank you for sharing your tips.

Unknown said...

I am interested in order this jacket. Would you say it runs true to size? Thanks, I love your blog!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous blue on you! I'm very careful with white pants too. Great tip on the color of under pants to choose!

Susan said...

Nancy, the size I am wearing is a medium and that is what I normally wear. Thank you!

Andrea said...

Great date night outfit!