Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cold Weather Again

Relentless high winds have returned cold weather to this part of the world, so the photoshoots are back indoors.

My brief fling with spring attire is over for now. On a recent date night, I wore this look layered with a fur vest which was a long ago Christmas gift from Mr. Mickey.

The necklace and bracelet were both sent to me by French Kande. The ring is fun bling I picked up during our travels. The reptile texture box bag is from S.M. Bradford Co. on Hilton Head Island. The top is from White House Black Market at the Outlet Mall in Blowing Rock North Carolina.

The leather-trimmed blazer is old by Helmut Lang via Saks Off 5th. The pull on dressy fabric pants are a couple of years old from Chico's. The fierce booties are by BCBGeneration via Saks Off 5th.

I share with you where I bought the pieces I wear so that you can formulate a plan for building your wardrobe. You can likely find similar classic pieces wherever you like to shop if you want to use my looks for inspiration. 

Think about the items in your core wardrobe as building blocks. The pieces should all come from the same tribe, meaning they can be worn interchangeably with each other to create different looks to fit the weather and the occasion. Accessories and add-on pieces can change your look and add personality later on, but you should invest in a great core of basics to build upon first.

Many of you asked about the Chrome/Pearl Glaze yesterday. My stylist creates the combination that is the right tone for my hair. She leaves it on for only a few minutes before the shampoo. A hair glaze, similar to a gloss, is temporary. They can be clear just to add shine or have some pigment to complement the tone of the hair color. Unlike a gloss, a glaze does not contain peroxide or ammonia. It only coats or sits on top of the hair.

What do you order when you go out to dinner? Most of the time I order a salad and a steamed side vegetable such as broccoli. 

When I pieced together the items I wanted from the menu on this particular night, the server must have told the chef that I needed special attention. He came out to say he would be happy to make up a special pasta dish with vegetables for me. I thanked him and welcomed the chance to try out his version of vegetarian pasta since this is a new restaurant we were trying for the first time. 

What arrived was this mess with oil, heavy cream and cheese holding it all together with shrimp and mere traces of leeks on top. Isn't it amazing what some people think vegetarians eat? I rarely eat any pasta at all. I never choose dishes with heavy sauces or gravy, bread or cheese toppings. 

I did eat all of the salad with no dressing which was fresh and crisp.

Onward to the next adventure!

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

Created in collaboration with French Kande
All words, styling, and creative direction are my own.


Mom said...

Yes, the winds,rain and cold have been a bit depressing....but a week from now the weather is supposed to warm and mostly clear. I am anxious to put away my winter clothing.

Oh that pasta! Couldn't eat that either. Good to try out those new restaurants though.
I have Celiac disease and we travel and eat out often. I find I have to be very specific with the wait staff as to ingredients on menu items.

Unknown said...

Nice look. Unfortunately around here the last couple of days, would not have been able to wear the peep toes. Lol too much snow!

Catia from Leuli said...


I totally adore your style and your explanation how you achieve it. And I also like your home. While I am sad that you won't participate anymore in the Blab sessions, I wish you all the best. You're truly an inspiration and I have learnt so much from you. Thank you.

Terry said...

I saw the plate of food before the text! I'm thinking, Susan ate that, with eyebrows raised! All was lost in the translation with the chef! Regarding the weather, I'm in NE TX and we are also not seeing normal weather for April. Not as cold as you, but great fluctuation. Hope you are having a nice Sunday!

Missy said...

Did you send this entree back or just not eat it? I wish I could be so militant when ordering in a restaurant.
A salad and steamed broccoli is probably the best choice. Keep on being our inspiration! You look beautiful.
Great information on the hair glaze and its effect.

Prairie Poulet said...

Susan, how do you catalogue what you bought where? Keeping track of everything as you do is a good idea. I can't remember where I bought things, which would be helpful if I want to keep buying things from the same "tribe", as you say.

Jan Maier said...

My hair stylist uses a glaze on my hair too...I get color and then the glaze. I love what it does for my hair but it doesn't last the whole 5 weeks between my trims and color appointments.....maybe about 2-3 weeks...but that's the way it goes. LOL

Dimples said...

I love your pants from Chico's!!! They look so timeless and classy. Are they the travelers line or crepe? I have been trying to find a pair like yours but they don't look the same.

Pat said...

I love that black and white top. Is it sleeveless or does it have sleeves.

Canuck-Girl said...

Love this outfit - the striped top is to die for! Great look for you and I have to say how sorry I am that you had to deal with a very nasty comment on FB today. Why do some people behave in this manner?

Susan said...

Thank you Pat. That is a tank top.

Susan said...

I am thankful that I can remember where I bought most of my items. I don't keep any sort of catalogue or journal.

Susan said...

Dimples, those are some other sort of fabric, something like sateen or polished cotton. I can't be sure now because sometimes I cut tags out of garments because they irritate my skin so much.

Donna said...

The pasta dish do I say, unappetizing... You, on the other hand, look smashing!

thepoutingpensioner said...

Smart and playful, as always, Susan! B/W is a lovely contrast to your hair colour.
Same changeable weather over in the Channel Islands too, out on the beach eating ice cream one day, huddled indoors with a cardi and cocoa the next ...