Thursday, April 14, 2016

Three In One

There are times when we experience three seasons in one day here in northeastern Tennessee.

On this particular morning, it was thirty-two degrees. In the afternoon, we enjoyed seventy-two degrees.

I started the morning out with layers. The stretch denim jacket was sent to me by Fabrizio Gianni. I am wearing a Covered Perfectly cascading vest as a scarf. I love the flexibility of this piece! It can be worn belted, tied in many ways, left open or wrapped around your neck and threaded through the armholes as a scarf. (The video below, shows how I did this.) I have also worn this vest under a long sweater so that it looks like a scarf peeking out when I am really cold. Make sure to pack at least one of these on your next trip. You will thank me later!

Royal blue is one of my all-time favorite colors. This Simple Comfort top and the vest were sent to me by Covered Perfectly. I got a size large in this top because I wanted to wear it without a jacket this summer. 

I like my tunics to fit a little more on the loose side, so yes, I have some of these tops in two sizes. When I wear them layered with a jacket, I like for them to fit smaller so that they don't add any bulk. If I know I will be wearing them alone in warm weather, I do not want to show every curve as much, so I go up a size. 

How do you dress for extreme differences in temperature within just a few hours?

My layers served me well today! I experimented with different lengths of layers and with cropped ankle pants with flats. I almost always shy away from that combination.

My calves are short and thick, but the little side split on the pants combined with the two-tone pointed toe shoes give the illusion of longer and leaner. These pants by Renuar have a smooth wide waistband. They were sent to me by Purple Poppy. The shoes are Circa Joan & David via Saks Off 5th.

This week on the blog, I am breaking all my personal styling rules. Today I broke my rules of never wear cropped pants with flats and stay away from boxy jackets. Another rule is not to wear anything with a high neck. When I am cold, all bets are off! I just recently started wearing a longer top with a shorter jacket. I really like the slimming way that combo looks.

This little video shows how I made the Cascading Vest into a scarf.

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Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

Created in collaboration with Covered Perfectly, Fabrizio Gianni and Purple PoppyAll words, styling, and creative direction are my own.


Prairie Poulet said...

Lightweight layers are definitely the way to go at this time of year, with a windproof jacket over top. I also carry lightweight gloves, due to those cold spring winds. It's bit chilly to wear bare feet, so ankle booties are perfect. A light scarf helps, too.

Unknown said...

Wow never thought about the vest/scarf dual...ideas . ..and I'm so a scarf person . .great post..

Unknown said...

That royal blue is stunning on you! We have to layer here too. I love how you demonstrated it!

KC said...

Great ideas, Susan! Enjoyed your video. Really helps to see the versatility of the pieces.

elaine said...

Royal blue looks stunning on you, Susan! Thanks for all the tips today. I especially enjoyed the video.

Elaine@Following Augustine

Unknown said...

your outfit is great for the temp extremes we've been having in KY too! I hope they show that vest online soon, I love geometric prints. Florals seem a little fussy for my size but I love the one you model today!

thepoutingpensioner said...

You have really found your colour in that royal blue.
The wind chill factor can change our island temperature from mild to brrrr in spring, so denim and light wool layers are keeping my options open.

Who Me? said...

The discount code is not working. It's only been a day but has it already expired? Thanks.

Susan said...

No, I don't think so. Are you trying to buy two get one free? Please message them from the site for more help.

Andrea said...

Nice look! I really like the Cascading Vest - I'll have to look into it! I'll be doing a lot of traveling in the summer, and it sounds perfect!

Unknown said...

i love that bracelet. Where is it from??

Susan said...

Lexi Cat, that is an old piece I bought from a boutique near Old Edward's Inn in Highlands, North Carolina a few years ago. There is no brand name on it.