Saturday, June 13, 2015


I receive letters from readers who ask for tips on traveling and just navigating through life now that they are newly alone late in life.

I have spent many years of my life alone so I am very comfortable with my own company. My first tip is to become your own best friend. Speak kindly to yourself. When you look in the mirror, do you say "You look great in that top!" or are there more unkind thoughts? You would never speak that way to someone you care deeply about so you should always think of yourself with kindness and in positive terms. 

Enjoy getting dressed nicely even if you aren't planning to go out. Sometimes when you look great, you suddenly realize you need something from the grocery or you decide to go for a walk. Sitting home in your pajamas almost guarantees you will stay home alone.

Treat yourself to breakfast at a nice restaurant. There is a very elegant hotel here in town and I sometimes get dressed well for no reason and go there for breakfast. It is a pleasant break from my normal routine. If it feels strange to dine alone take a prop. I keep a small notepad in my bag at all times. You will never know if I am working on a speech, that novel I've been writing or my grocery list.

Go shopping! You aren't required to buy anything but watching people is always a treat. That holds very true in Asheville. This beautiful lady is Lynn. She helped me so much on a recent trip to the Chico's in Biltmore Village. The mesh jacket, tank and jeans I am wearing are all from Chico's.

Sidewalk Cafés are a favorite! I usually get to visit with a puppy or two and that always makes my day brighter.

Sign up for a tour! Below is a pubcycle in Asheville. You get exercise and fresh air while you drink your beer. There are guided walking tours, bus tours, and even Segway tours in Asheville. Your town may have secrets you have yet to discover. I have gone alone on bus tours, tours by small plane, helicopter and by boat. I have taken a tour of Biltmore alone and then spent the day walking around the grounds. I have walked the streets of Nova Scotia, Canada, Málaga, Spain, and Athens, Greece alone. Sometimes it is better to do things alone so that you can travel at your own pace and stop to enjoy doing whatever gives you pleasure without detaining someone who may not be interested in the same things.

So when you see a lady sitting alone at a Sidewalk Café. Smile and stop to visit with her if you like. I'll bet she is having a grand time!

If you have more tips or encouraging thoughts for our sisters who may be moving through life alone for the first time, please comment below or send me an email. I will share more of them in a future post.

Thank you for joining me on this wonderful journey through the second fifty years!

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