Thursday, September 18, 2014

Saturday - Part One

Saturday was a very full day. As we were going down to visit the Inn's restaurant for breakfast we ran into some of Mr. Mickey's high school friends who asked us to join them. They were a delightful group!

During the early part of the day I wore jeans with a white tank from Chico's. The black jacket is from Express. The animal print booties are from Nordstrom. The black belt is from T.J.Maxx. 

After a very relaxing couple's massage at the fabulous Martha Washington SPA, we took a nap before getting dressed to see the play at the Barter Theatre which is just across the street from the Inn. 

The wind was blowing and it was quite a bit cooler today so I wore an asymmetrical red jersey jacket from Nordstrom over the white tank and off white jeans with animal print booties to see the play My Fair Lady.

The flowers along the way were delightful.

We have been to the Barter Theatre many times but this performance of My Fair Lady was the best yet. Holly Williams as Eliza Doolittle was outstanding!

 We took a quick walk across the grounds of the Inn as a storm threatened to arrive before we made it to the porch.

Now I just have enough time to get dressed for cocktails before our dinner date.

 Many of you have asked me how I maintain my weight even while going out to eat so often. I sometimes ask the chef for a vegetarian dish if there isn't anything on the menu that appeals to me. On rare occasions I will order a pasta dish or something with fresh local fish.

Many restaurants here in the east offer lots of meat and potatoes in hearty portions but not many vegan dishes. Sometimes the best option is a baked sweet potato with a salad. I will always return to my regular eating habits on Monday so these little weekend trips don't get a chance to do much damage. Drinking lots of water and eating a salad are my keys to maintaining when there isn't anything on the menu that I want to order.

The hearty breakfast I eat ensures that I have almost enough nutrition to carry me through the day. I rarely feel hungry until around two or three in the afternoon. A salad or a small plate of steamed vegetables is enough for an early dinner/late lunch. Many times when your body gives you a hungry signal it is actually water that you need. I drink lots of water all day.

Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this journey through midlife and beyond. 

The second fifty years really are the best!

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winjes said...

You always looks so beautiful and put together! As someone who just entered her 50s, it is refreshing to see that getting older doesn't mean looking and dressing like my grandma! Quick question for you... What is your opinion of the no white after Labor Day? I have a really nice pair of white jeans and a pair of white jean capris that I love, but wasn't sure if I they can still be worn.

Susan said...

The white after Labor Day rule is out the window. I will wear white jeans all winter in dry weather. I would save the capris for the summer months as well as any other pieces that are light weight. Thanks for visiting!

Raye said...

Love your asymmetrical red jacket. You are so elegant & classy.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

We have such similar tastes, Susan. I love both outfits and would wear both! You are always out and about doing such fun things and looking quite stylish and beautiful as well!

Susan B said...

You look smashing in both outfits! Love that sweater in red.

christy said...

Another great post. Love your outfits.