Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lazy Saturday

We don't always have a variety of activities and events planned for the day.

Occasionally I just want to rest and read on the weekend. So Mr. Mickey honors my need for quiet and lets the day unfold at my pace.

With nothing more than a trip to grocery store planned we had time to stop along the way at the Mountain Home VA to enjoy the beauty of the grounds on this September day.

I have been fascinated with this beautiful rock formation under massive trees since childhood. Did water or wind form the patterns carved into their surfaces? My mind completes the picture with a prehistoric sea that raged across this land during a long ago time when the earth was young.

This was the perfect day for Mr. Mickey to practice his photography skills. We both want very much to give you a glimpse of the beautiful area and the life we are so fortunate to share.

On this day I wore old jeans and a white tank top from Chico's. The fabulous burnout white tunic is from Cali and York. The animal print platform shoes are by Vince Camuto from Nordstrom a couple of years ago.

I think we found where all the Canadian geese in the area meet for lunch!

Our day of leisure included a light dinner of the interesting things we found at Earth Fare and Fresh Market. We enjoy trying new foods and wines so we chose two small loaves of bread, three different cheeses and the 2014 limited release Apothoic Dark wine for our adventurous meal today. The grapes are the variety "Cotton Candy". The cheeses included Beemster premium Dutch tangy, St. André triple cream French and a spicy pepper gouda. One bread had garlic and olive oil with cheeses, the other included sundried tomatoes and cheeses. There were also oil cured olives and regular black olives and nuts with light sea salt. 

The wine glasses bring back memories of a trip to the Banner Elk winery a few summers ago.

For dessert we shared a small piece of Black Forest Napoleon served on tiny antique saucers.

It feeds my soul to sit under a tree and enjoy the quiet of a beautiful late summer afternoon.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. 
The second fifty years really are the best!

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Unknown said...

Letting the day unfold sounds like the perfect Saturday to me too! Love your style and ... those shoes!!!!!
Dawn Lucy

Donna said...

Oh, this is my kind of "adventure"! To be out in nature, enjoying the sights and fresh air is my idea of a perfect day. We have Earth Fare and Fresh Market here in Indy. There is a new organic store called Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market but they are only in the Midwest. I think you would like it. The white top is very pretty on you. You look relaxed and like you are enjoying the day. PS. How was the wine?

Susan said...

The wine is wonderful! I highly recommend it.

Joanne said...

My husband and I made a 4 hrs road trip recently. We broke the monotony of flat interstate driving with looking at the cloud formations pointing out animals and cartoon character's. I got the biggest kick out of this simple pleasure I had not done since childhood. I also learned my husband had never done it before. Nature is the best soul food, and the mountains definitely fit the bill. Thank you for the pictures.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

So jealous you can wear those awesome shoes! This is a wonderful casual style! I hope you will come over and enter my contest to win a $1000 gift card for shopping with Lafayette 148 New would great in their clothes!

Anonymous said...

Yum! Not the geese! The food :-)

Patti said...

Just beautiful - the scenery, the geese, the fabulous food/wine, and you in your Saturday look. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

Paula said...

At last! I have found my fashion muse! Just this morning I was telling my daughter...I don't know how to dress myself anymore!
I'll be 63 on Thursday, Sept. 11. (Yeah, I know. I turned 50 that terrible day. Really puts things in perspective.) After a recent car accident followed by the diagnosis of a heart problem and two scary ambulance rides,I am in "re-definition-of-self" mode. It's time for a change...time to take better care of myself, lose the weight, protect my heart and be strong for whatever comes along. I had already decided to get rid of my frumpy clothes...but what then? And what do you know...I find this FABULOUS blog! What a happy coincidence. And thanks for an entertaining and informative blog.

Susan said...

Yvonne, your comment showed up twice but I couldn't publish either of them. Please write to me at and I will try to help you with your storage question. Thanks