Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dinner With Mr. Mickey

After a wonderful day of exploring and traveling it was nice to take a shower and get dressed for a special dinner with Mr. Mickey.

Breathtaking antiques and art can be found in every corner of the Martha Washington Inn.

The gardens and grounds are equally charming.

We took a walk by the water feature stream near the pool and SPA before dinner.

Bread pudding dessert came with a candle and a special message.

After dinner we went for another stroll before taking our after dinner drinks onto the front porch to enjoy the weather. It will be much cooler tomorrow.

The black denim coated jeggings which appear to be leather are from Chico's. The sequined sheer overlay blue top is also from Chico's earlier this year. The black heels and gray evening bag are years old. 

Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this journey through midlife and beyond. 
The second fifty years really are the best!

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Cathryn said...

The vibrant sapphire blue top really flatters you. What a great outfit. Mr. Mickey is a keeper. :-)

Unknown said...

You look beautiful! How did you lose you weight?

Unknown said...

Good morning, Susan, love your blog and reading about your travels. I, too, live a vegan lifestyle (however, do include fish and seafood), and have a question. When you go out to eat, or when you travel, how difficult is it for you to find eating establishments, especially in small towns like Meadowville, VA, that serve delicious, non-meat related meals? I frequently hear “this place has salads”, I get very tired of salads. The eastern part of this country has not gotten onboard the “vegan bandwagon” as much as the western part.
I love the description of the clothes you wear; when you eat out, could you tell us a little more of the restaurants (what their specialties are, why you enjoy them, etc)?
Again, love your blog.

Susan said...

Hi Rita! Read about my weight loss here ...http://fiftynotfrumpy.blogspot.com/2012/03/happier-and-healthier.html

Nuts4dogs said...

The two of you are just a pair of silver foxes!

You rock those skinnies. If you can wear it, which you do so well, go for. All topped off with stilettos and an evening bag. What more could a girl ask for? You have that also, a wonderful gentleman on your arm is the perfect finishing accessory.

DebZorn said...

I only recently found your blog. I enjoy your fashion, your style and lovely photos.You and Mr. Mickey make the most beautiful couple.

Donna said...

You certainly don't look fifty-eight! You and Mr Mickey do indeed make a lovely couple. Love, love, love the top...fabulous color on you.