Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wear It Wednesday - Packing

Packing to go away for the weekend has always been a challenge for me. I bring too many dark pieces or else the pieces I bring are wrong together and or look wrong with the shoes I brought.

My selections for this trip served me very well. I know from experience that a day spent with Mr. Mickey can involve two or three changes of clothes so I brought items that could be worn in several combinations. 

Inventory for this trip:

Jeans: 1 black, 1 blue, 1 off white, 1 black waxed (leather look) 
All jeans from Chico's.

Jackets: 1 black (from Express), 1 red (from Nordstrom)

Tops: 1 white tank (from Chico's), 1 white blouse (from Express), 1 denim/chambray (from Chico's), 1 black (from Chico's), 1 sequined blue dressy top (from Chico's)

Shoes: Animal print booties (from Nordstrom), black pumps (very old ?), nude heels (Jessica Simpson from T.J.Maxx)

Bags: Dove gray Calvin Klein (from T.J.Maxx)
Gray evening clutch (old from T.J.Maxx)

I wore basic jewelry in silver tones that I could later wear in combinations or alone.

The jackets were placed in a hanging bag but the other items fit into a DVF weekender bag I have had for many years. (As seen in this photo from an earlier blog post.)

When packing, I considered the fact that we would be having dinner two evenings and that we would be attending a play at the Barter Theater. Casual items would be fine for the daytime activities such as shopping or going to breakfast but I needed to look a little more put together for dinner and the play.

You can see from the other blog posts for this week how I wore this mini wardrobe in different combinations to look appropriate for a variety of activities.

I hope this post helps make packing for your next trip a little easier.

Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this journey through midlife and beyond. 

The second fifty years really are the best!

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Judy said...

Hi Susan, packing has always been a problem for me too. My husband says I pack waaaay too much and then wear the same couple of things! Thankfully over the years I've gotten a bit smarter and have streamlined my packing a little better.

I love your choices and of course, you wear them all so well!

gertie said...

I just adore your posts, and your pictures/events/ help me so much! are such a class act...!thank you for taking the time , effort and shows! ( now if I can stream line them to 5'11" frame with a MP tummy) id be set hehe xo Have a fabulous day!

Donna said...

Packing can be hit or miss...looks like you have it down to a science. Look forward to seeing the rest of the outfits.

Jillian said...

Thanks Susan you have a very simplified approach which is such a help. I look forward to shopping for clothes now. Instead of rushing to buy the first thing I see to get it over with, or not bothering at all, I take my time look at what I already have have and work with it.

I too, look forward to you posts.

Best Regards Jill