Sunday, March 20, 2016

In The Pink!

Has spring arrived in your part of the world?

Our temperatures rose into the eighties for several days this month. The bright sunshine inspired many people to reach for their flip flops, tank tops, and shorts. I much prefer something more covered up for warm weather such as this look by Tribal.

This just might be the perfect tee! It has three-quarter sleeves with burnout openwork details so that you are still cool and comfortable. The body is made with the same burnout layer over a solid tank. That means all my jiggly bits are camouflaged! 

These Tribal pull-on wide waistband pants fit like leggings that are not too tight, but with the great details of jeans. The front is smooth and flat so that you don't have a zipper, button, and all those loop bumps showing through your top. The legs do not flare out at the bottom, so the line stays long and lean. I would like a pair in every color, please!

The gold hammered gold cuff is several years old from Chico's. The BCBG bag with a bamboo detail handle is old from T.J.Maxx. The shoes are by VANELi. They were sent to me last year by Marmi Shoes.


The outfit suggestions and tips I share with you most mornings are offered to you for free and with love for the forgotten women that we may feel like sometimes.
In that spirit, I would like to ask you to try something today. 


Instead of saying to those around you, "You should do it this way." or "I don't like that." Try, "You look so happy in that."

Instead of focusing only on yourself and what you want, recognize that you have the power to make those around you feel joy with the kindness of your spoken or typed words.

You really do get back what you give out.



Jan Maier said...

Love it all...especially the words on kindness. It doesn't cost a thing to be kind and gives pleasure to others and, most of all, to oneself!

Yvonne said...

I love that outfit on you - that Tee is so unique and such a gorgeous colour!

Unknown said...

Pretty in lpink! Love pink and white.

Unknown said...

Susan, you are the Real Deal!

I've been following you for some time and I appreciate that you share your life with us. Clothing tips, travel tips and so on, are what drew us to you initially, but now we are starting to know the real you!

Your message of kindness is really seeping through! (Whoa! How did that happen?)

BTW. I finally bit the bullet and ordered from Covered Perfectly, and their products really are what you said they are! And what FAST service!!

Bye Friend,
Barb Roy

Canuck-Girl said...

So wonderful to see you in a colourful top! I am so sorry for the negativity left by one or two people this weekend. But don't get me started!!!

rosary said...

KINdness it is. LOvely thought for the day.

Unknown said...

Sometimes the ones that are hardest to love are the ones who need the most love. I try, even though I'm not always successful.

Andrea said...

Pink & white are so pretty together! You look fabulous, like always! And I really like the cutouts on the top and the tank that goes with it. Modern, cool & appropriately covered - perfect!

I think your message of kindness is so important, especially on the Internet. I don't really understand why people say things they would never say in person (or at least I hope they wouldn't!), but it happens all the time.

I always enjoy seeing your outfits and how happy & confident you look!

Jan C. said...

I love Tribal! Great outfit!

Victorianna Rose said...

You make that T shirt look more attractive by far, than the model pictured online!!!!

Unknown said...

You're a sweetie...blessings for a week of kindness,joy,and health.

Judy said...

I love your "Spring" look Susan. I wanted to let you know that Kohl's carries a pant similar to the one you are wearing, the brand is Dana Buchman. I discovered it last year after losing about 20 pounds (yay for me!) and ordered two pair in white and two pair in black. They have the wider waist band and are pull on as well. You might want to check them out. I think they also come in a khaki color but I haven't ordered those yet.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Trish said...

Pink and white, WOW. The outfit looks fantastic on you. Your comments on kindness are so true - kind and thoughtful words can really make a difference; you are truly a lovely person. Trish in NJ

Diane said...

Sadly, although the weather has been teasing us here in the Midwest with a few days where you thought you could quit with the winter clothes, reality hits and we has snow flurries yesterday, so spring is not yet here. We anxiously look forward to Spring!

So true about our need to treating others with respect, compassion and kindness! Especially timely as we enter Holy Week.

Catia from Leuli said...

Splendid color and you look wonderful. I look forward to your next blab.
Thank you for reminding us about kindness.

Prairie Poulet said...

Tribal was one of my favorite brands in high school, so I'm glad to see they're still around.

Elaine @ Following Augustine said...

We had a taste of spring over the weekend, but it's back to winter today! :(

I love your words about practicing kindness! Thank you!

Sherrie said...

Susan: Do your blog viewers get any type of discount through Body Language by Connie.

Susan said...

Sherrie, please write to her and ask for one. I don't have any current codes for her site.