Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Packing Tips

When we travel, I take a core wardrobe of pieces in three colors. I can take a few pieces but have several possible combinations from casual to dressy as needed.

The color choices for this trip were black, white, and gray. I wore this combination to breakfast on Saturday morning during our recent stay at Primland. J.Jill provided the gray cashmere sweater. The white tank is from Peck and Peck via Stein Mart. The pants are by Lior Paris. The shoes are by Vince Camuto via Saks Off 5th. French Kande provided the fabulous necklace. The watch is by Michael Kors via Nordstrom. The rings were long ago gifts from Mr. Mickey.

I regularly get numerous comments about wearing heels. I am not encouraging you to wear heels. I find that shoes such as these, which have many straps, support the whole foot and the ankles and are so much more comfortable than ballet flats or (horrors!) flip flops, which often give the foot no support. Mr. Mickey can attest that I can even run in these shoes when I need to.

The view from our table by the window at breakfast was nothing less than spectacular!

That is the observatory tower behind me. We spent the afternoon enjoying being pampered in the Spa at the resort. They thought of everything! There is a theater, library, and workout room as well.

I took two white jackets, one dressy one casual. I also took an ornate black jacket, gray sweater, one white tank, one silver tank, and a black one. The three pairs of black pants were of different fabrics and styles. I took two pairs of shoes in addition to these, which I wore for travel.

In addition to all the other amenities at the resort, there were many original art installations throughout the property.


rosary said...

I am so glad that your shoes are comfortable. However, as a 60-something who has always stayed in shape, I am finding that heels throw alignment off balance. That affects so much of how I move and feel. And if my feet aren't functioning well, it affects my whole body. No one who advocates flats advocates flip flops. We are very familiar with the lines that keep feet healthy and still look like pretty shoes. My opinion on flats and well aligned feet and posture.

Unknown said...

I agree about the heels. I'm in my 60's and wore heels daily for 39 yrs at least. My knees finally gave out and I had to switch to flats which killed me. Two years ago I had both knees replaced. I'm retired now so at home I wear very comfortable shoes. But I diverse heels more now when I go out,but not spikes. (I do have one pair but onlyvwear them for special occasions and I know I'll be sitting a lot. Got to protect those knees.

Unknown said...

I cannot wear heels. I have an ankle that was rebuilt after an accident and the alignment in that leg is not good. It is hard to find attractive shoes with the support I need. Most of the time I wear Easy Spirit travel type shoes. They aren't very pretty. I do miss the heels.

Unknown said...

Can you please tell me where Mr. Mickey purchased the rings? I like a ring with some heft to it such as these. He obviously has good taste!


Prairie Poulet said...

Guess what, Susan. I found a two-inch heel on a wedge Shoe that has similar lines to your shoes, but in a nude colour. I look to your choices as inspiration, but interpret them to suit my body shape, coloring and lifestyle. Thanks for inspiring this mom of teens to step up her act.

Joanne said...

I think you look wonderful in heels. You have no need to apologize or explain why you wear them, Susan. I don't anymore but so wish I could. Good post on light packing.

Susan said...

The rings are a few years old. The one with the blue stone was purchased about six years ago in an antique store in Knoxville, TN. The other one was made by someone in Canada. It was purchased in a local jewelry store which has since closed.

Catia from Leuli said...

I agree with you - flats are so uncomfortable as they don't support the foot at all.
You look wonderful!

Beetique said...

You always pick some pretty shoes! Can't wait to see the other outfits that you packed.

Unknown said...

You look amazing as always!!! I am 60 and I still love to wear my heels depending on what I am doing and they have to be comfortable which more and more companies are catering to the working woman (about time they did). I completely understand what you are saying about the structure and support of these heels and when I look more closely, I can see the difference in the height of the heel from the front of the shoe to the heel. Loved your packing tips too. Give that handsome Mickey a hug from me.
Love you, Victoria Sterling

Unknown said...

Hello Your site is amazing I just love it. You have posted what you would pack for a weekend but I was wondering if you could give me a hand on how to pack for a week. I am so terrible at this that I want to take everything in my closet and you know when I get there I don't wear half. I am going to Las Vegas with some girl friends (50+ ) .

I have been out looking for shoe boots or small heeled shoes that are more comfortable as I can't wear flats from years of working in office with heals on. I have been retired for 3 yrs now and noticed that I don't wear more than half my closet and really need to get rid of it. Also have put on lots of weight in my middle which doesn't help either.

Thank you for all your help and advice. Love it

Roxy Loyst
Ontario, Canada