Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Black Olive and Caper

I have always loved the color olive or caper as neutrals on other people. When I wear that color near my face, I look ill.

These comfortable soft, casual pants are by Fabrizio Gianni. This caper color is as close as I get to khaki because that is another color I cannot wear well. Since I have a cool skin tone, I try never to wear warm or golden undertones near my face. If you know the colors that work well with your skin tone, you will find it so much easier to put together a flattering wardrobe. The colors and tones will look good on you, but they will also work together well.

It took me about three minutes to get dressed. I was on my way to the bank and my office to sign checks on Friday. Even though this is an easy casual look, I was appropriately dressed for all the stops I had to make and even to join a friend for lunch later.

That is why I share these tips and inspiration photos with you. I want you to have the same confidence and ease of getting dressed each day.

The fabulous necklace is by French Kande. If you wear jackets often, this is the perfect length and type of necklace to fill in a neckline. The same necklace is shown below on a different day. Notice that the faux suede jacket has a cool neutral blush tone, which works well with my cool skin tone.

One way to determine which tones of color would look best on you is to study your veins. If the veins on the inside of your wrist look green, you have warm golden undertones. If your veins look blue, you have a cool skin tone. If the veins look neither blue nor green, you are a lucky neutral who can wear almost any color.

My sandals were by Vince Camuto from Belk last year.


Canuck-Girl said...

Have a great week away. Looking forward to reading/seeing all about it next week! Travel well and enjoy the journey😘

Joanne said...

Great post, Susan. I never really understood colouring. Am I warm or cool - dark blonde with blue eyes? What are my undertones in my skin? Never could quite figure it out. But, now I know. I definitely have blue veins on my wrists, so I'm a cool.
I also love that you gave us a great option for a flat that will give the same look.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I am glad you showed a close up of the pants, Susan. They look beautiful. And this is a fun jacket.

Unknown said...

You look great Susan. I use the Kat Von D Contour palette, but the eyeshadow palette just didn't work for me. I gave it to my daughter-in-law, and she absolutely loves it.