Thursday, March 10, 2016

Casual Look with Flats

Spring is in the air!

When I bought this Ralph Lauren jacket, I have to admit that I had a moment of regret because I didn't realize how distressed it was from the picture on the Dillard's website. End of season sale items cannot be returned there. I have since made peace with the purchase because it works well paired with longer tunics and very structured pieces. On casual days when the mornings are chilly, it is the perfect layer. When the temperatures start to climb, I can throw it in the back seat and keep going.

The Alfani Step 'N Flex flats are several years old from Macy's. I rarely wear flat shoes, so they stay new looking for years. The bag was made in Italy (no name), and I found it at T.J.Maxx a couple of years ago. I change my bags almost daily and keep them in dust cover bags, so they look new for years also. I do not typically match my bags to my shoes. It seems more modern to mix it up, but I was already on my way when I realized how much these matched.

I don't orchestrate my posts or style my looks for this blog. Mr. Mickey just takes photos of what I am really wearing for the day. Sometimes the location is as unglamorous as this one beside the loading dock of my building in the industrial park. 

It has taken me a while (years) to embrace the look of wearing a shorter layer over a more extended layer. I would not wear my shorter jackets any other way now.

The sunglasses are by Michael Kors from Saks Off 5th last year.

The linen mixed-stripes tunic is from J.Jill's spring collection. It seems to be sold out at the moment, but they have many other tops that are perfect to wear with jeans or leggings. The stretch cotton pants are also from J.Jill. These are the ideal pants to wear for all my walks around the lakes in my neighborhood this summer!

I bought a new pair of exercise shoes at Kohl's yesterday. Pictured below is my first pair of Asics taken on my afternoon walk. I like them!

There aren't many fabrics that breathe and keep you cool like linen. It wrinkles, but you just have to go with it. Our temperatures soared almost to 80 yesterday!

J.Jill provided the tunic and pants.

Time to start packing for our get-away!


Emmalyn said...

Love the color of your tunic and I'm a big fan of distressed denim jackets :)


Lynne said...

What a timely post! Today for the first time ever, I am wearing leggings and a tunic. I don't have any jackets as long as the tunic. Now I can feel comfortable in my jean jacket. Love your style. Thank you for helping others develop some style too.

Unknown said...

I am on the hunt for a new denim jacket this year. You look great in flats and heels!

Anonymous said...

Someone once told me to try short jackets over tunics and I've been hooked ever since! I love the denim jacket on you.

Unknown said...

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