Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wear It Wednesday, Handbags

"Why do you change your handbag so often?"

Some form of this question is asked so often so I thought I would discuss handbags today on Wear It Wednesday.

My handbag is part of my outfit and not limited to utilitarian service. 

For evening or dressier events I always slip only the items I will need into a small clutch that complements what I am wearing.

Most of my bags are arranged in this built in shelf in my closet.

 Any bag that comes with a dust cover is stored inside it.

This red bag from Tahari via T.J.Maxx is one of my favorites but I never carry it if there is a chance of rain because it will spot. Taking care of my bags ensures that they will last for a long time. I keep most of them for years. 

Always store your bags stuffed with tissue paper so that they don't loose their shape. Keep all that tissue they wrap your clothes in when you shop to stuff your bags.

I don't carry a lot of things around with me. I keep small items such as dental floss, a small pair of scissors, a nail file, lip gloss, an ink pen and small note pad in a makeup bag. Business cards, lotion, keys, a small mirror, eyeglasses, my phone and a clutch style wallet are normally what you find in my bag.

This makes it easy to slip only what I need including the lip gloss color that complements what I am wearing into a smaller bag for the evening or switch to a different one for the day.

Thank you for joining me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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lynne said...

Susan, I am not trying to be mean but I think your tan pants in the first picture do not flatter you like they should. The other longer lengths do. I love how the dark pants in your second picture fit you. Those compliment you rather than take away. The tan ones just look too short and too tight. In all of your outfits , these pants are the only ones I am not crazy about.Thanks for sharing all of your outfits with us! Lynne

Unknown said...

I think it is smart to change out your purses. Great tips.

Susan said...

Funny you should say that about the pants Lynne. The pants in the first photo and the second photo are the exact same style and size (just different colors).

Cindy said...

I agree with Lynne about the khaki pants. I think the cut of the top worn with the khaki pants is making them a bit less flattering. The white sweater worn with the dark pants comes to a more flattering length. Nonetheless, still more put together than I am on a good day, much less an average day!

Donna said...

Great post on handbags and clutches! It pays to buy classic, good quality bags and care for them properly. We watched "Move Over Darling" tonight and Doris Day had a handbag to match every outfit. I love watching old movies just for the costuming.

Jordan said...

Hello and thank you for posting these suggestions. I have one prized bag that came with a bag, and I stored some of my smaller bags in drawstring backpack type bags for protection. I recently came into a bunch of hatboxes and noticed you have one in the photo of your closet showing your purse storage. Do you have any suggestions on what would be good items to store in the hat boxes? I figure my offseason hats, but they take up one, and I have a total of 4. 3 large and one small. Thank you for any suggestions!

Susan said...

Hi Jordan,
I have hats in all my hat boxes but I do have several rectangle shaped storage boxes that are similar in style to the round ones. I keep small evening clutch bags in them.

Lady of Style said...

Susan, I love all your looks including the cropped trousers. You have great legs and the nude heels are perfect with them.
One stylish lady as always!

Love your handbag collection! I need to sort and reorganise mine in my closet.

Best wishes from Germany,
Annette | Lady of Style