Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lunch With Friends

 On Friday afternoon I joined three of my closest friends for lunch.

I wore an unstructured top from Chico's that is a mix of knit and rayon materials. It is so comfortable and the style is great for my round face and apple shape. I wish they would make these in many colors. I would buy everyone that was right for me but I am thankful for this black one.

Black and Khaki is one of my favorite combinations. While tan and khaki colors are not good near my face, khaki pants are a great neutral for my bottom half. These are from Chico's earlier this year. 

The shoes are by Vince Camuto via Nordstrom last year. 
Yes, I wore them all day.

The handbag is by Tommy Hilfiger via T.J.Maxx several years ago. The cuff and necklace are also from Chico's. By the way Chico's is having a great sale right now. I found a long silver tunic I had wanted earlier this year on the sale rack yesterday. It had been $119 when I first longingly gazed upon it. I bought it for $21 with all my Passport discounts and the sale applied!

Many of you have written to ask how I can afford to buy all the clothes I must have. Honestly I haven't even begun to fill up one closet yet. I mix and match which gives me lots more combinations than if I bought "outfits" or memorable individual pieces. 

I always look through sale racks and can't remember the last time I bought something at full price. It would have to be classic piece I plan to wear for the rest of my life for me to do so. If you know what shapes and colors work for you, it is easier to hone in on only those pieces that might work with the wardrobe you have at home. Don't get excited only because it is a great price. Think about how often you will really wear the piece that is now 50% off. If you can only think of one way to wear it, it might not be such a good deal after all. Happy Sale Shopping!

Thank you for joining me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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Donna said...

The necklace just sets off the pretty top. The shoes look great with the outfit. You are better dressed than women who have several closets full of mistakes. Money doesn't buy taste.

Betty (SC) said...

Love the color combo! - A ladies' day out w/friends is always a joy!