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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Time for Summer Sales!

I love this great light weight jacket from Chico's.

Mr. Mickey and I stopped at the Asheville Chico's a few weeks ago so that I could look through their sale racks. When I saw this jacket it took my breath away. It is the lightest nothing weight fabric ever! I knew immediately it was for me since I can wear it out to dinner even on the hottest summer night. The silver, gold and black colors along with the bamboo shaped black buttons and the Asian influence in the styling made it different enough to stand out. It was also more than 50% off with a store wide sale including already marked down items.

The tank is from the Chico's outlet in Blowing Rock. The brocade pants and the necklace were found on the sale rack in my local Chico's last year. The shoes are from Ross. The handbag is so old I am not certain where I found it but it was likely T.J.Maxx. 

At this stage of life I have most of the pieces I need in my closet so shopping has become an occasional sport. When I visit a store it is because I know it is time for the end of season sales. If something catches my eye and I know it will go with many of the other items in my closet it might get to come home with me. Many times I walk away with nothing. 

This jacket was also my reward for losing the weight I gained over Christmas. I never reward myself with the food that caused the problem in the first place. I have a friend who recently told me "As soon as I lose this last five pounds I'm going to eat at (her favorite fast food place)." My response was "Why start over? Buy yourself a great fitting pair of jeans that you love instead."

Happy summer sale shopping to you!

Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Shopping Tips

If you have cool summer coloring like me, this is a great time to shop the sales.

Sweet Mr. Mickey took me down to Sevierville to shop in the huge Tangier Outlet Mall there on Saturday. 

This is the palette of colors that look best with my own coloring. These colors are most often sold in the summer months so that is when I do the bulk of my shopping for clothes. I dress in light weight layers for most of the year so this formula works for me.

Do you study your own coloring to guide you in finding what looks best on you? There are now several different programs that help you to identify your best colors, such as the original Color Me Beautiful system. Do a Google search for color analysis and you will get several results. Knowing exactly what colors look best on you makes shopping and getting dressed so much easier.

Earlier last week I found this Coach bag at the outlet in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. It was priced $428 but after the sale and another discount they were offering that day, I got it for $119.99! I like this bag because it is a smaller size and a neutral color. I also like it because the logo is so small. I do not care for items emblazoned with logos. 

The sandals are by Bjorndal from Rack Room Shoes. I found these on the same shopping trip.
I also purchased great fitting ankle pants in several colors at Chico's in the Blowing Rock outlet mall along with a couple of jackets and tank tops last week.

The dress is by Dana Buchman from Khol's.

As the temperatures have started to climb into the 90's I am embracing low sandals with light weight sleeveless dresses. Sometimes comfort takes precedence over looking your best. I did take a navy blue shrug sweater and higher heeled neutral sandals to wear to dinner on Saturday but it was never cool enough to require the shrug.

Thank you for reading. 
Good luck with your sale shopping this week!

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