Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wear It Wednesday... Color

Do you love the versatility and comfort of khaki pants?

I love the look of ankle length pants with nice sandals. 
However the shrunken cropped length isn't as attractive.

The winter weight pants worn below have held up well. They are from Talbot's a couple of years ago.

No matter what material I buy those khaki pants in they almost always lose their shape and or shrink two sizes the first time I launder them. 

Why is it that we can put a man on the moon but we can't make a decent pair of women's khaki pants?

The jeans below shrank two inches the first time I washed them according the label!

Most of the pants above are long gone from my wardrobe because they shrank so much. The ones in the pictures below are also in a bag going to my sister who is a smaller size. (She probably has thirty pairs of khaki pants now!)

On the day I try them on in the store and the first time I wear them, they fit fine but rarely the next time. I only wash in cold water and take them out of the dryer way before they are dry and hang them to finish air drying. I have also tried taking them out of the washer and letting them completely air dry. I have tried taking them to the dry cleaner. Still they are not the same fit that I bought them for.

I will buy the next pair in a size too large and see what happens. If you see me walking down the street holding up my pants you will know why. 

Wear It Wednesday is the day I pull out questionable pieces from my closet and try to make them work or else donate them to someone who will make use of them. Reducing clutter in my closet makes getting dressed much more pleasant. Too many questionable pieces can result in wearing the same thing all the time and the feeling that you need more choices when you already have too many. Please join the fun on Facebook with photos of your own questionable pieces. We are all learning something from this little project.

Thank you for joining me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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Sheri said...

Shrinkage is my problem too! My weight hasn't changed in 5 or 6 years but it seems I go through way too many clothes. Now not only do I get to replace my wardrobe (thanks to your brilliant fashion sense), I get to find khaki's that don't shrink. But bigger? Oh my. A scary thought.
Thanks for your blog posts.

Robyn said...

I love the white shirt you have on in the second photo. Hopefully it's something that may still be available?

Marylou said...

Yes Robyn, I love it too. Where to find something like that Susan?

Susan said...

The white no iron tunic/shirt in the second photo was purchased at Chico's last year.

Unknown said...

You beautifully illustrate how versatile a good pair of khaki pants are. I 3rd the gorgeous white tunic in the 2nd photo.
I haven't struggled with shrinkage yet and sincerely hope I don't as I really like the fit of the ones I have recently bought.
I do like a good pair of chinos in khaki and tend to wear them like the 6th photo- flats,vest/t-shirt and a jacket/blazer or cardigan.
I hope you find the perfect pair of elusive khaki pants and I know you will tell us where we can find them.
Thanks for a great blog today

Susan B said...

I've never had much luck with khaki's either. :-( All of these looks are wonderful.

Amy Johnson said...

I really love the outfit you have on with the long white shirt and khaki pants. It's nice to see you without the third layer for a change, and the shirt's fit flatters you well.

As far as shrinkage goes, that actually works to my advantage for I'm a smaller over 50 woman who can't find clothes to fit to begin with. All the older woman's clothes and dept. stores normally only go down to a size 6 or a 4, so I'm forced to buy big and hope they shrink: and they usually do. I was just in a Chicos the other day and got so excited because I saw they carried 00's and twos only to hold up a size two and realize it wasn't a real size two and was probably four sizes bigger than that. I get frustrated trying to find age appropriate clothing when nothing fits me. I don't want to shop the teeny bopper stores or the junior dept.

Nuts4dogs said...

My goodness, I'm wearing the same white tunic today with dark wash skinny jeans and nude patent stilletos. The Chico's tunic is fabulous. I purchased another one similar from Nordstoms made by Foxcroft. They had a wonderful selection of colours and I believe Foxcroft is a line they carry all the time.

As for your shrinkage problem. I never put pants in the dryer and when I take them out of the washer I snap them down the legs to make sure there's no shringage. Since it looks like you've done everything else try that. I think it may also be called boxing.

Wonderful photos and blog and you even have me checking facebook though I can't post. Ta Ta

Annie said...

Just a suggestion, why don't you wash the khakis in cold water and line dry dryer...

Anonymous said...

I have long legs, but not long enough to purchase "Tall" and so I have the same problem with all washable pants and so completely disgusted with the constant shrinkage.

I found a solution for jeans and pants made of certain fabrics that works for me. Immediately after taking them out of the wash, I stretch them by hand while still wet/damp - give them several really powerful stretches - and then hang to dry. It has been the only way I've found to keep them at the right length.

Cindy said...

I also stretch them by hand! After washing, I hold them with the waist in one hand and the bottom of the legs in the other. I then take my arms behind my head at shoulder height and do at least 10 good stretches. This is also a good exercise for the arms and helps prevent the arm "flaps". I then let them line dry. As long as I perform this procedure, I have no problems with shrinkage.

nadine said...

tu as une belle collection de chaussures !

Anonymous said...

Like Anonymous, I stretch pants legs after washing, before hanging to dry. Does help keep the length true.

Madam Too Much said...

First time visitor and you look Great Khaki. I enjoyed reading this post, so I will be back to read more. .

Donna said...

Ah, the ever elusive perfect pair of khakis... So many variables: cut, color, fabric, the rise, the list goes on. A basic in the wardrobe to be sure. Let us know if you find something worth purchasing.

Anonymous said...

You should send these pictures to the manufacturer and ask them to improve or lose your custom. You are an influential lady. I f they have any sense they will take heed.Sheila