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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Basic Makeup Techniques

Have you changed your makeup technique over the years? The correct placement of light and dark colors, use of shimmer or matte finishes can make you look vibrant, healthy, and youthful.

However, the incorrect placement of shimmer can make you look less than your best. I remember putting shimmer on the brow bone under my eyebrows in 1974. I am careful never to do that now because it puts the emphasis on the puffy upper part of my eyelid. If you have a hooded eyelid, you will certainly want to avoid shimmer on the hood because it will make it look more prominent.

It is very important to always remember this while you are putting on makeup, light advances and dark recedes.

In the photos above you can see more closely where I apply shimmer and dark shadow near the outer corner of my eyes for an evening makeup look. I wear a much more natural look for daytime so it wouldn't even show up that much in a photo.

Notice that I do not add any color or mascara underneath my eyes. That always makes me look harsh so I skip all that.

I do all the eye makeup first so that it doesn't flake on my foundation. 

The video below includes my tips for making up the whole face from start to finish for a light-handed easy to do daytime look.

Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wear It Wednesday ... The Skin You Are In

Looking your best starts with glowing skin.

When I posted this photo a few weeks ago, there were numerous comments about my skin and my courage to be in a closeup with a woman who may not even be twenty yet. That's me with Abby Hathorn who is also a blogger at VintageInspiredPassionista. (There is no filter on the camera and I do not even know how to use Photoshop.) My skin is not as firm and smooth as Ms Hathorn's but in three months I will be fifty eight and she is about twenty years old.

I have also been asked many times about my skin care routine for the whole body, not just the face.

Our skin is constantly shedding and flaking off as new cells replace old ones. We often add oils and lotions to our skin which also produces it's own natural oils. The cells that should flake off can't which leaves our skin not looking so smooth and clear. The skin can look a bit ashy instead of clean and bright or even break out because of trapped oils.

 The secret weapons for my best skin include a natural bristle body brush, clean wash cloth, olive oil or coconut oil.

This natural bristle brush comes with a detachable handle and can be found in most drug stores as well as Walmart. I use the brush on my body before each shower. Sit down and relax while gently rubbing the brush in small circles over your whole body except for the face. Start with the feet and always work toward your heart. This sloughs off dead skin cells but it also helps with circulation. 

Hot water on a clean wash cloth massaged into my face each morning feels wonderful. I use hot tap water as warm as my hands can tolerate and massage my face with the cloth until it starts to cool. Repeat this eight times. Follow with eight cold massages. Splash with cool water and then dry. 

Before bed each night massage olive oil or coconut oil onto your face and body. After about five minutes it has absorbed and your skin will feel smooth and soft. 

I use many items from the kitchen for skin care because I experience the least amount of reactions such as redness and puffiness. A great exfoliant for the face (avoid the eye area) is sugar or salt mixed with your favorite cleanser. I use Neutrogena Liquid each morning and evening. I also use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen, SPF 100 daily. I often wear a hat when I will be outside for long periods.

What you put in your body is important too! 

This pretty cut glass pitcher full of spring water and the juice of two organic lemons or cucumber slices is the first thing I see when I open my fridge. This is the water I sip all day.

Other items in this fridge are what contribute to healthy skin and body. Fresh fruit, unsalted natural nuts, seeds and plain Greek yogurt are other items you will almost always find in my fridge. (Lower right corner... I wash grapes and keep them in a colander with a wet paper towel over them to keep them crunchy and fresh tasting.)

Get six or seven hours of sleep each night. Drink a glass of wine occasionally if you wish. Eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. Go for a brisk walk each morning for about a half hour.

Now you know all my secrets. Happy Wear It Wednesday!

 Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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