Thursday, May 29, 2014

Drive Your British Car Night

Mr. Mickey sold his last Rolls Royce three years ago but we still enjoy attending the Drive Your British Car event at our favorite local restaurant, Gourmet & Company

This is Ben. He is Mr. Mickey's dear life long friend. Literally they were born while their parents lived across the street from each other and they have been the best of friends for their whole lives.

This beautiful lady is Heather. She is a very special part of the Gourmet & Company family. We love to see her sweet smile when we walk in.

We always look forward to this fun evening!

There are many beautiful cars on display and the owners are there to talk to along with vendors and lots of friends to visit with. Later we join the members of the British Car Club for dinner. 

I wore white jeans, a white tank top and a light weight silver cardigan from Chico's and a bold silver necklace along with those shoes I found at T.J.Maxx yesterday.

Thank you for joining me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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Unknown said...

Love your shimmery outfit next to your gorgeous hair. Looks like a fun day.


Susan said...

I love your shoes and outfit. Perfect for the evening.

Cindy said...

Absolutely beautiful. You are such an inspiration! I have absolutely the same coloring, thus it helps me to see how you look in specific colors and this is one of my favorites. I am working on incorporating more gray and less black into my wardrobe. Love this look with the white basics and silver accessories.

Bonna said...

I see you are not afraid of mixing your metals, shoes with gold trim and silver sweater etc. I always wonder about that but it looks great.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog & I love it! Found you via Pinterest where I was enjoying the outfits you have assembled. You look wonderful in this post (as in all of them!) Can you suggest where to find decent white jeans for someone over 50? I like the way the ones in this post fit as well as the style. Thank you, Robin

Susan said...

Hi Robin, I found those white jeans at Chico's. Thanks for the kind words.

Donna said...

Lovely outfit! I agree with Suzanne...nice colors with your hair. Are you letting your hair grow a bit?

Anonymous said...

Looks stunning. Have similar silvery sweater, other than white would any color top work? Thoughts on gold jewelry with this sweater.

Susan said...

This silvery sweater could be worn with a black, fuchsia, silver, red, cobalt, gray top.

Unknown said...

Mr. Mickey Rocks! Any man who would go to a Brit Show n Shine and wears saddle shoes is worthy!

We used to enjoy the annual Vette cruise in Wasage Beach, and Mr. Woods built a shiny dragster we took to the car shows (so we could collect trophies for my study! :D

I did not, alas, have a shimmery cardigan to wear over my white jeans.