Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wear It Wednesday

We all make questionable choices in life. It still happens to me occasionally, like when I got carried away with the sale price of this top at Chico's and bought it even though I knew it wasn't "me".

I am rarely comfortable in prints but I thought perhaps the subdued colors of this one might work on a casual day. I feel like an old hippie each time I try to wear it. From the splash of bling across the bust to the unfortunate placement of the patterns, it is wrong for my shape and my personality. It is on it's way to the famous to go bag.

Look for Part II of Wear It Wednesday as I will be posting another picture tomorrow morning of the questionable item I plan to wear for date night tonight.

 Thank you for joining me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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Sheryl said...

My daughter has encouraged me to add some colorful prints to my wardrobe. While shopping, I put on a top similar to the one you are wearing, and your comments are similar to the thoughts I had while I looking at my reflection in the mirror that afternoon. The combination of colors and the print just didn’t look or feel like “me.” With thoughts like that, even if it is on super sale, those items end up gathering dust in the closet. (Do you even need to ask how I know this? Ha ha.) I like your idea of keeping a box for donations handy. Someone else might really enjoy those items.

Diane said...

I've learned to bring home anything I buy and put it aside for a couple of days. Then I try it again to see if I REALLY think it works. About half the time it goes back to the store.

Anonymous said...

I agree, not you! I bought a top at Dillards without trying it on because it was brand and colors that I wear often. Sleeve length wrong, normal size I buy,wrong. A dear friend now has a pretty new top!!

Cindy said...

Love "Wear IT Wednesdays". I pick up printed tops every now and again and then remind myself it will be a waste of money. Like you, I wear solids...can't think of one print I own besides my PJ pants! Can't wait for tomorrow's post! These are a great eye opener into our own mistakes;)

Miss Donna said...

I have to agree with Diane. Sometimes I get lulled into thinking an item will work in a pairing with something else like a skirt or pair of pants, only to be disappointed. Susan, that top does not flatter you the way most of your outfits do. I think you are right in sending that one on to a happier home. You are motivating me to re-evaluate some of my seldom worn bargains.

Anonymous said...

I also have the body shape similar to you, but fatter.

And the same problems.
I always ask myself - why the manufacturers do not make more simple cut but pattered skirts. I would wear them with a simple one coloured top.
I feel that our body shape is neglected by the designers/manufacturers.
Please excuse my rant
I really do like your blog and polyvore ideas.