Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wear It Wednesday

This white background jacket is lovely in it's construction and design but it has always seemed wrong for my shape.

White near my face is a bit harsh and a block of white on top creates an imbalance since my upper body is rounder and larger than my lower body. If I wear white pants and a dark top it is much more flattering for my apple shape. 

The Travelers tank and pants as well as the jacket are old items from Chico's. The shoes, bag and jewelry are likely from Stein Mart. They are all old so I don't actually recall where I bought them. Even though I rarely wear this look, I will hang on to it for now since it gives me a dressier daytime look for those events requiring it. 

Wear It Wednesday is the day I pull out a questionable rarely worn piece from my closet and try to make it work or else donate it to someone who will make use of it. Reducing clutter in my closet makes getting dressed much more pleasant. Too many questionable pieces can result in wearing the same thing all the time and the feeling that you need more choices when you already have too many. Join the fun on Facebook with your own photos or just tell me what you think of what I am wearing. It seems we are all learning from this Wear It Wednesday endeavor. 

Don't miss the second blog post coming later today. We had a wonderful evening and I can't wait to share it with you!

Thank you for joining me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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Nuts4dogs said...

Susan, I like this colour on you. The French blue is fresh. I wonder if you had your tailor just nip in the jacket at the waist to give it more shape? Just a thought.

You're being too critical of yourself but then we all tend to do that. Then again, if you don't feel great in it then give it away.

wondering gardener said...

You may not think it looks good but, I will differ with you looking at the picture and the over all look. I thought it was very pretty on you the blue is wonderful with your blue eyes.

Maybe you are being to critical of yourself as we all do sometimes. If the jacket were gaudy might be different but, it isn't. Looks good.

Lindy D. said...

I think this outfit is very slimming on you. I know you like tunic length tops, but this looks good on you, too. Blue is your color!

Laura said...

Honestly I think you look great. That blue is such a beautiful color on you! I disagree with your assessment. You look Mahvelous dahling!

Anonymous said...

The colour of the pants and tank is beautiful on you. Simple and elegant looking. For me the pattern in the jacket is just not you. Maybe not modern enough?

Viv said...

Hi Susan,
As a fellow apple shape I was wondering if you ever wear a white top? I have a fabulous white blouse which I would love to wear but every time I put it on it ends up back in the closet when I leave the house. Do you have any tips that might help me actually wear my lovely blouse?

Susan said...

Hi Viv! I have always tried to wear a white blouse but it never seems to feel right for me. They usually gap at the bust and the white makes me feel too obvious. Try wearing it with a long bold necklace to form that all important V. You can also cut some of the white by draping a long scarf around your neck and turning up the sleeves and the collar which all serve to confuse the eye and give our roundness some straight lines.

Donna said...

Love that shade of blue on you! I agree with your reader who suggested a nip and tuck at the waist. You, my dear, are lovely as always. I enjoy going along on the wonderful excursions with you and Mr Mickey.