Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WEAR it Wednesday!

Today marks the launch of a new feature on the Facebook page for Fifty, not Frumpy.

My project for today is this ikat pattern cardigan. I bought it on sale at Chico's last fall. I have never worn it because it is too light weight for cool weather and it really needs to be worn with a tank top so that the arms aren't too snug. Now that I have tried it on with warm weather pants and sandals, I think I might wear it often. (I shot this image into an antique mirror hanging in my laundry room.)

We all have things in our closets that we rarely wear, if ever. I am on a mission to wear all those things in my closet or donate them to someone who can use and enjoy them. I had this in mind when I started "WEAR It Wednesday". 

Come on over to Fifty, not Frumpy on Facebook today. You are invited to share a picture of what you are wearing with a link back to your blog or page if you have one. (Normally it isn't considered good etiquette to place a link to your page or blog on someone else's blog or page.) Tell us what it is that you never wear and why. Everyone is welcome to join in even if you don't have a blog.

I hope this fun project encourages you to wear all the clothes in your closet or donate those buying mistakes that really don't suit you, but would make someone else really happy.

Thank you for joining me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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Laura said...

Great idea!

Patricia said...

Oddly enough, I've been doing just that ... pulling clothes out of the closet and getting feedback at the gym. A few things got promptly given away but many are now in regular rotation. Another challenge was my "white jeans" challenge (bought them, never wore them). Once a week I wore them styled differently every time. Great way to inspire yourself. Love this.

shalom said...

Casual & classy!

Irene Helms Designs said...

Wonderful idea...I meant to participate but did not. Will try next week!