Saturday, March 9, 2013

Susan's Tips

We all have favorite pieces in our wardrobes that make us feel good when we wear them. It could be because of the fit, the color, the fabric or the style.

Here are some basic pieces you might have in your wardrobe. Using myself as an example I will share with you why these items were chosen and why they work for my midlife body.

1. Jeans are almost a uniform for some women. When I buy jeans I look for a dark wash with plain pockets and a straight leg. Not a skinny leg but a smooth straight line that fits nicely all the way down to the hem. A waistband that sits at my natural waist is more comfortable. No low rise jeans for me.

2. Tank tops are part of many of my casual outfits. I like the fact that they help to give a smooth line under jackets and sweaters. White is a good choice most of the time but I look for a white that isn't brighter than my teeth.

3. Jackets are a great transition piece for this time of year when the weather is starting to change. I look for slightly fitted styles rather than boxy. Breast pockets are not a good idea for me since I'm already a couple of sizes larger on top than on the bottom. I look for a color that is flattering to my skin tone and one that can be worn with jeans. A simple neckline that forms a V is always a good choice for my round face.

4. I adore animal print but the normally warm tones of the print are not a good mix with my cool coloring. Shoes, handbags or other items worn away from my face are better choices for me. One piece of animal print per outfit is usually enough. If I wear flat shoes I look for pointed toes and a fun color or pattern. Rounded toe ballet flats look ridiculous on me because I have thick calves and smaller feet compared to the rest of my body. The pointed toe helps to make me look taller and thinner. 

5. Handbags can make or break your look. I don't wear bulky shoulder bags because they alter the line of my clothes too much and make me look sloppy. A structured bag with top handles in a size that is in proportion to my height is what I normally look for. I am always amazed when it is so difficult to find a full-length mirror in the handbag department of some stores.

6. Sunglasses are almost always part of my outfit for the day. I have several shapes, styles and colors to fit both my face shape and the mood of the day. There is always a pair in my handbag if not on my face.

7. Jewelry is the statement piece that can express your personality. I like to wear button earrings with a drop or a nice fitting pair of hoops in white gold or sterling silver because I have cool coloring and gray hair. When I say nice fitting I mean the wire or post doesn't accentuate a sagging pierce. I wear either a statement necklace or fun earrings, not both at the same time. 

I hope these seven tips help you to put together a fun and comfortable outfit for today. Have a great Saturday!


Cathy said...

I'd love to know where you these items are from! Beautiful, once again..

Susan said...

Cathy, click on the links under the picture to find out where to buy all the items or to visit my Polyvore page and sets.

Cindy Lyon said...

You've described me to a tee! I have cool coloring and a top two sizes bigger than my bottom. I've been following your blog, facebook, and polyvore for a month or so since I noticed a friend sharing your facebook posts. Thanks for the sensible suggestions. I like that your outfits are fashionable without being too trendy.

Diane said...

I love your style and practical advice.
But what do you wear to just hang out at home and in your yard? Do you go to half-decent looking sweats? jeans and T-shirt?
Comfort without looking ratty is my goal here.

Susan said...

I wear jeans and shirt to work in the flower gardens. Yoga pants and a colorful tee work well for just staying home but I put something else on to go to the grocery store or to run errands. My favorite lounging at home attire would be flannel back satin or cotton pajamas.

Sandra said...

What a good idea regarding purses. I hadn't thought about how they mess the line. I'm also in the position of having a top way bigger than the bottom.

What is flannel back satin? I've love to get some PJ's in that material?

Donna said...

One thing really stands out in your outfits, whether casual or dressy: perfect tailoring. So many women have lovely clothes but they are ill-fitting. I will echo Sandra's comment about purses. After all, it's part of the complete look.