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Thursday, July 14, 2016

From The Knees Down

Do you know what styles of pants look best on your frame? I once wore whatever was current, not giving it much thought. I know now why certain styles look better and feel more comfortable on my body. 

Since starting this blog five years ago, I have done many hours of research and had thousands of pictures taken. All that has taught me many things which allows me to share helpful tips and suggestions rather than just publishing pictures of my outfits.

The Anne Klein white jeans above and the BCBG bag are old from T.J.Maxx. The top is the Simple Comfort from Covered Perfectly. The flat sandals by Nine West are from last year. The belt is old from Chico's. 

These jeans continue down to the top of the shoes without bunching. I prefer to give an illusion of a waistline with a hook belt worn low since I have a high thick waistline. You can see from the picture below that I always need to wear a low-slung belt with a slim-fitting tunic.

If you are like me, you want to know why something works for you, not just what pieces to wear. Many times I see something cute on a model but when I try it on it looks nothing like that on me. The proper fit and proportions can help us look our best in the clothes we are wearing and that always makes me feel more confident.

Many of you have commented that you can not wear heels anymore. If you wear flats with cropped pants and like me, have short, thick calves, your legs will look much shorter, and you will look much wider. To counter this visual effect, I wear slim-fitting straight leg long pants with flat sandals. If I wear ankle pants or any other style that ends higher on the leg, I will wear a nude higher heel or wedge heel shoe which visually lengthens my leg.

The tunic above is the Simple V from Covered Perfectly. The bag is by Calvin Klein, and the shoes are by Nine West, both from T.J.Maxx. I no longer have those jeans.

Think about continuing the color or tone in one unbroken line. Even though I got the one tone rule down, I did not get the fit right in the picture above. The boot cut pants were not a good combination because they bunched over the shoes. I need to wear this type of shoe with ankle pants that stop about an inch above the top of the shoe.

You have likely seen many young women wearing the style of black shoes above with a dress. Unless your legs are very long and thin from the knees to the ankles, you run the risk of appearing to have short fat legs when you break up the line of your legs as I did with the look above. 

I thought I had rolled up that skirt to show enough of my leg but alas, I had not. To give my legs the right proportion with these shoes in a dress, I need to wear a mini skirt. (Not happening!) 

This would have been a much better look if I had stayed with my long, lean, slim leg black pants which stop just above the top of my shoes.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Finding Your Black

Is head to toe black your "easy to get dressed without thinking about it" look?

In the 1990's all black became the uniform for an easy dressing option for many women.

In the Polyvore fashion set I created above, I selected items in different shades of brown but varying shades of any color would give the same effect. 

Color is just one part of my decision making process. As in all the tips I share with you, I will use myself for the example today.

I like very much to wear soft flowing lines in a longer jacket or sweater. A simple cowl, oval or rounded V neck top works best with my round face and wavy hair. This neckline also gives my favorite necklaces a simple background. Another tip: When I wear a necklace, I wear very simple smaller earrings. If I wear a larger pair of earrings, I skip the necklace. Too much going on around your face is not flattering, especially since most of us wear glasses now. Speaking of glasses, a squarish frame in a softer gray or brown tone is much more flattering to my coloring and face shape. 

Since the top half of my body is larger and longer than the lower half I like to wear slim leg pants and shoes with a bit of a heel or wedge. This helps to balance the halves of my body.

This is an example of a look that is easy and comfortable for me.

I hope this post inspires you to think about details such as the lines, the drape and the cut of the clothing you wear as well as the color. If you understand how all the elements come together to flatter you, getting dressed is so much easier. If the colors in your closet all truly flatter your own coloring it is amazing how they also work together. This makes getting dressed in the dark almost possible.

Thanks for joining me on this journey! I love hearing from you.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Susan's Tips

We all have favorite pieces in our wardrobes that make us feel good when we wear them. It could be because of the fit, the color, the fabric or the style.

Here are some basic pieces you might have in your wardrobe. Using myself as an example I will share with you why these items were chosen and why they work for my midlife body.

1. Jeans are almost a uniform for some women. When I buy jeans I look for a dark wash with plain pockets and a straight leg. Not a skinny leg but a smooth straight line that fits nicely all the way down to the hem. A waistband that sits at my natural waist is more comfortable. No low rise jeans for me.

2. Tank tops are part of many of my casual outfits. I like the fact that they help to give a smooth line under jackets and sweaters. White is a good choice most of the time but I look for a white that isn't brighter than my teeth.

3. Jackets are a great transition piece for this time of year when the weather is starting to change. I look for slightly fitted styles rather than boxy. Breast pockets are not a good idea for me since I'm already a couple of sizes larger on top than on the bottom. I look for a color that is flattering to my skin tone and one that can be worn with jeans. A simple neckline that forms a V is always a good choice for my round face.

4. I adore animal print but the normally warm tones of the print are not a good mix with my cool coloring. Shoes, handbags or other items worn away from my face are better choices for me. One piece of animal print per outfit is usually enough. If I wear flat shoes I look for pointed toes and a fun color or pattern. Rounded toe ballet flats look ridiculous on me because I have thick calves and smaller feet compared to the rest of my body. The pointed toe helps to make me look taller and thinner. 

5. Handbags can make or break your look. I don't wear bulky shoulder bags because they alter the line of my clothes too much and make me look sloppy. A structured bag with top handles in a size that is in proportion to my height is what I normally look for. I am always amazed when it is so difficult to find a full-length mirror in the handbag department of some stores.

6. Sunglasses are almost always part of my outfit for the day. I have several shapes, styles and colors to fit both my face shape and the mood of the day. There is always a pair in my handbag if not on my face.

7. Jewelry is the statement piece that can express your personality. I like to wear button earrings with a drop or a nice fitting pair of hoops in white gold or sterling silver because I have cool coloring and gray hair. When I say nice fitting I mean the wire or post doesn't accentuate a sagging pierce. I wear either a statement necklace or fun earrings, not both at the same time. 

I hope these seven tips help you to put together a fun and comfortable outfit for today. Have a great Saturday!