Friday, March 8, 2013

"Some Enchanted Evening"

Have you ever had an evening so special that it made you feel like a princess?

Yesterday marked the anniversary of my first date with Mickey Jilton. He is the wonderful gentleman with whom I have been blessed to share the last seven years of my life.

The day began with me surprising him at his office with a dozen red roses which thrilled him and delighted both my staff and his. (Our commercial buildings in the industrial park are in the same block.)

Mickey arrived at my home to take me to dinner looking oh so handsome in red and black. I was wearing a black fitted dress and black heels with a deep fuchsia jacket which wasn't a complementary color for his outfit. We don't dress to match but we try never to wear outfits that clash with each other. I changed to one of the gray and black jackets he gave me for Christmas.

When we arrived at our favorite restaurant (Gourmet and Company), the Maître d' smiled and proceeded to our usual table which tonight was adorned with seven perfect red roses to represent seven perfect years. The French inspired pitcher was a very special touch. I learned later that Mickey designed this arrangement and carefully chose each element. He knows I love all things French and I have a small collection of special pitchers. There was a beautiful card already at my place-setting. Even the music was carefully chosen by Mickey. Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra crooned in the background throughout the evening.
After our wine arrived our server, Kenn, announced that he would be back in a moment. I assumed to take our dinner orders however when he arrived he was carrying a beautifully wrapped package on a silver tray. I peeled away the elegant heavy white paper to reveal a timeless pair of sterling silver hoop earrings. Mickey always finds the best gifts! I will enjoy wearing these with many different looks for years to come and they will always remind me of this magical evening.

Our amuse-bouche for the evening was spectacular! It included croissant, triple cream brie, granny smith apples, black garlic and other tiny bits which resulted in a most amazing combination of flavors in perfect harmony.

An amuse-bouche is a single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre. Amuse-bouches are different from appetizers in that they are not ordered from a menu by patrons, but, when served, are done so for free and according to the chef's selection alone. These, often accompanied by a complementing wine, are served both to prepare the guest for the meal and to offer a glimpse into the chef's approach to the art of cuisine.

This is the restaurant's vegetarian entree named after Mickey. Tonight it was especially wonderful and included lots of roasted fresh garlic.

On many of those first dates we would share a wonderful meal and then move into the lounge area or out onto the patio to have an after dinner drink and visit with friends who often stopped by to chat. As we have done so many times in the past we again sat together talking and laughing with friends.

Thank you for sharing in our special evening!


it"s me said...

He looks so handsome and you so pretty. You are so blessed to have such a thoughtful "love". I know it must have been a wonderful and special evening.
I wrote yesterday. Thank you for responding. I know I must seem clueless, but are skinny jeans, kinda like leggings or jeggings? I am trying to make sure that what I bought are straight cut jeans and not skinny jeans.
I don't need skinny jeans! these are not tight or hugging. I did go through all your pics and found where you had styled the green pants. I absolutely love how you are able to coordinate everything. The thought you give to color, style, silhouette,
texture, draping,and fit give each outfit such a polished look. Now, if I can begin to master that..I am inspired.

Susan said...

Not tight or hugging are the magic words. I think your jean choices will work well for you! Thanks for your comments.

Beetique said...

it looks like a wonderful time and I'm glad to see Mickey looking so good. I've never heard of amuse-bouche and glad you said what it was.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

What a fabulous evening, Susan!! So happy you could enjoy such a special celebration!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely evening for both of you. To answer your rhetorical question, yes, I have felt like a princess when my husband took me to the first Army Ball. I had my hair put in an updo, wore a new gown (my first ever) and we did it up in style, hotel room for the night and all. He was my dashing cavalier and I was Audrey Hepburn. At one point they even played Moon River for us to dance to. I think I fell in love with him that night. Ah memories...
But you have your own memories that are just as rich.
I hope you will have many more evenings such as this one.

Sheryl said...

Everyone deserves to feel like a princess (or a prince) now and then. It looks like you both had a very special day. Thanks for sharing it with us, Susan, and congratulations to both of you!

Lori Draper said...

What a wonderful evening!!

gracefully50 said...

Happy Anniversary!
Sounds like romantic evening, and you two make a handsome couple!