Monday, March 25, 2013

The Arts

Last evening Mr. Mickey and I attended one of our favorite annual events. The Johnson City Arts Council 4x4 was held at the beautiful Carnegie Hotel.
We arrived early to do this photo shoot for you.

The Johnson City Arts Council is a nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to nurture the arts and inspire community arts involvement in our area. As a lifelong artist this event and this organization are near and dear to my heart. Among the many programs and services they bring to our area is Arts Corps. This is a free, after school arts program for underserved youth in our community. These children might not otherwise have the opportunity to discover their abilities or learn to appreciate the joy that comes from creating something beautiful. Their alternative might easily be drugs, gangs or teen pregnancy.

Each couple in attendance of the 4x4 event pulls a number out of the fishbowl when they arrive. That number corresponds to an original piece of art by a local well known artist. Attendees who are willing to trade their artwork are given a tiny flashing light to add to their name tag. If you want to trade, you look for those flashing lights and talk to the person with another one to work out the trade. We were thrilled with our masterpiece by our dear friend Joy McGinnis. The event includes dinner and wine as well as live entertainment and a silent auction. It gives us the chance to visit with many dear friends as well as to meet new ones.
The hotel is one of the most elegant our region. We always look forward to attending events here or having dinner at their wonderful restaurant, Wellington's. This photo was taken in front of their wine cellar on the lower level.

The Austin Springs SPA is located just to the right of the cellar. I am often a happy guest there!

I wore a silver and rhinestone necklace and a blue jacket from Coldwater Creek with black lined crepe evening pants from Chico's. The shoes and bag are from Stein Mart.

Thank goodness the downpours waited until after the event!

Thanks for reading! 

I hope you have a wonderful week.


hibiscuschica said...

Hi There Susan, I started following you just a few days ago and I just have to let you know that you look gorgeous in your pictures! You positively glow!

Donna said...

What a lovely shade of blue on you! A beautiful venue for a good cause...

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Simply gorgeous, Susan. That is your blue, for certain! Lovely venue too and a wonderful cause. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

Kathleen said...

You look fabulous! Philanthropy-chic!

gracefully50 said...

Is there a color that you cannot wear? You look stunning and so elegant! Sounds like a fun event!

Myrina said...

I have been reading carefully your report. Thank you for describing to me this art event in a marvelous space with a wonderful lady in blue! Very very interesting!