Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Fever

Do your sleep patterns change with the seasons?

Mickey snapped this photo of me as we were leaving for dinner before going to the symphony last evening. I am shocked at the dark circles under my eyes. This is a result of sleeping for only three or four hours per night this week. When Spring approaches my body emerges from my winter hibernation with zest. A little inner voice keeps telling me it's time to get up! I wish it would wait until after 2 AM to speak up.

This is the same teal jacket I wore a few weeks ago to brunch. Tonight I paired it with a black tank and lined silky black chiffon Chico's pants from a couple of years ago. We always have to walk quite a long way from the parking lot to the building so I wore my low heeled Ros Hommerson shoes and carried a small leather-like clutch. 

Thank you for all your recent comments on my blog posts. I love hearing from you! 

Someone asked what I wear when I am just lounging around at home or working in my flower gardens. This is a good point. It may seem that my life is filled with dressy occasions however the truth is, I only have one or two special events per week that require me to dress up a bit. 

My normal attire is jeans and a shirt for working in the yard. My daily attire might be jeans or pants of some other type and a sweater, shirt, jacket or blouse worn mostly open over a tank top. A friend stopped by unannounced early one morning to bring something I had forgotten at her house. She was in yoga pants and running shoes. When she saw me fully made up and wearing a jacket already she asked, "Who are you dressed up for?" My answer was "Me!" 

Even if I am not feeling well, I get up, take a shower and get dressed. I always feel much better afterward. 

I wear jeans often. They may be white, red, khaki, black or dark blue but the smooth simple styling and wash and wear comfort of jeans fit my lifestyle perfectly. Mickey snapped the photo below when we stopped at the top of the mountain on our way to Asheville last fall.

It's important to get dressed for yourself too! I regularly purge clothing that is stained, ill fitting or unflattering from my closet. Even if I am writing my blog at 4am I am dressed in cotton, flannel back or brushed back satin pajamas.  My favorite ones are by Miss Elaine. You can find these at most department stores. Pictured below is a style from Serene Comfort.

Thank you so much for reading
I hope you have a sunny happy Sunday! 


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I really like your casual look look better than I do when I am just hanging around the house. You and Mickey do seem to get out and enjoy life a lot and I applaud you...that is what we should do. My sleep patterns change in the spring because of allergies...I am really allergic to oak when it is budding our and I am surrounded by oak!! Then of course we have wonderful things like today...where we lose an hour of sleep...oh least there is concealer, right??

Diane said...

Thanks for answering my question. I just recently discovered you and in my spare time have started going through your archives. And as I said before I love your style.
Another question? Other than some plaids and tweeds I rarely see any prints. You seem to dress mostly in solid colors. Is this personal preference or simplicity or just a practical way to buy so you can mix your pieces. Sorry if you've addressed this in the past.

Susan said...

I don't mind wearing prints if they are small and I do have a few print pieces in my closet. Prints are more memorable than solids so the number of times I wear a print item will always be fewer than a solid item. Solids can also be worn in many different combinations with a colorful print scarf.

Donna said...

The time change this year has affected me more than usual. I hope your sleep pattern improves...3-4 hours a night, yikes! You look lovely, even without sleep.

Sandra said...

Thanks for the info on the pajamas. They look so soft and confy.