Friday, October 18, 2013

Finding Your Black

Is head to toe black your "easy to get dressed without thinking about it" look?

In the 1990's all black became the uniform for an easy dressing option for many women.

In the Polyvore fashion set I created above, I selected items in different shades of brown but varying shades of any color would give the same effect. 

Color is just one part of my decision making process. As in all the tips I share with you, I will use myself for the example today.

I like very much to wear soft flowing lines in a longer jacket or sweater. A simple cowl, oval or rounded V neck top works best with my round face and wavy hair. This neckline also gives my favorite necklaces a simple background. Another tip: When I wear a necklace, I wear very simple smaller earrings. If I wear a larger pair of earrings, I skip the necklace. Too much going on around your face is not flattering, especially since most of us wear glasses now. Speaking of glasses, a squarish frame in a softer gray or brown tone is much more flattering to my coloring and face shape. 

Since the top half of my body is larger and longer than the lower half I like to wear slim leg pants and shoes with a bit of a heel or wedge. This helps to balance the halves of my body.

This is an example of a look that is easy and comfortable for me.

I hope this post inspires you to think about details such as the lines, the drape and the cut of the clothing you wear as well as the color. If you understand how all the elements come together to flatter you, getting dressed is so much easier. If the colors in your closet all truly flatter your own coloring it is amazing how they also work together. This makes getting dressed in the dark almost possible.

Thanks for joining me on this journey! I love hearing from you.

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Anonymous said...

your outfits are very stylish! are you a spring? those colors are gorgeous and look very nice on you. dara

Anonymous said...

Your color choices and styles are great. The choice of shoes often will not work for me. They are great EYE CANDY , but OUCHY OUCHY OUCHY

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Susan!
Loved your outfit today. My coloring is very much like yours and I am finding the same goes for me about wearing black. It's just hard to it give up, especially after wearing it so much over the years. But, after reading your last blog about it, I decided to try on my black clothes again and are right, they are draining to my skin color and everything else for that matter. So now I am rethinking how to start replacing my black color with more flattering neutrals.
Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. I appreciate the lovely woman you are!
Judith Presgrove

Anonymous said...

I never really dressed in black, although I do have a few pieces. Over the years I tried to embrace it but, like you, not a good color for me. I never gravitate toward it while shopping. I wear lots of browns and greys as my "black". I love color but at 50 I try and pick tones that aren't too youthful, like the neon trend that was big.

Kristien62 said...

Shades of gray with the addition of cream are my go-to uniform. Then I add a little color with a scarf, a pair of ballerina flats or jewelry. I still have black pieces, but never all black- too funereal.

Donna said...

Excellent post on color choices! I am a Summer also but am not familiar with the style designation you mentioned. Perhaps you could expand the subject.

Anonymous said...

"Have I been to Italy?" I was lucky enough to live there for almost 20 years. My husband was a teacher at a school for the military dependents in Vicenza, Italy (about 1/2 hour west of Venice).
Barolo's are our favorite wines and we spent a few weekends in the Barolo area. Heaven!!

meriusa said...

Thank you for the good pieces of advice. Really ,why do we wear so much black? I have to rethink about it . Is it flattering ? No! Intending to buy new glass frames your advice about frames color is valuable . Frames are very important though is the accessory we always have on us, day and night.