Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Shopping is Great!

During my recent visit to speak on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, I slipped away for a couple of hours on Monday to go shopping.

I love to explore Saks Off 5th while on Hilton Head. You never know what treasures you might find there! On this visit, I purchased a couple of pairs of shoes (no surprise there), a large square silk scarf and a long asymmetric hem dressy tank top.

An Instagram follower once mentioned that she can never put together a look when she shops there. I always search for unique pieces that fit my style and work with the elements I already own rather than looking for an outfit. 

My closet is arranged in departments so that I rarely wear the same things together in the same way.  If I have a few good looking pieces that all work interchangeably and a variety of accessories, I can go anywhere. I believe, it isn't what outfits you buy; rather how you wear the pieces you have that creates a great style. I know many women who purchase a lot of outfits but always tell me they have nothing to wear.

Whenever I travel, someone will always comment on how little I take for a three or four-night stay. For example, when I go to L.A. in a few weeks, I will take black, white and denim pants, four different tops, flat sandals, heeled sandals, some jewelry and scarves to change the look of the combinations.

My rule is that all the tops must go with all the pants. This formula gives me possibilities for creating several different looks even when I travel by plane with only a small carry-on bag. 

Each time I have visited the Copper Penny store in Shelter Cove, I have found a pair of stylish black pants that will go with everything else in my closet. This store also has a great collection of shoes, jewelry, and handbags as well as clothing.

Shelter Cove Towne Centre in Hilton Head is a great new shopping area being built where the old mall once was. I love this concept! It is set up with tree lined streets so that you can park in front of the store you want to visit and there is a park overlooking the harbor for relaxing with the kids. There are several excellent shops including a French bakery, numerous restaurants, several types of clothing stores, gift shops and many more places to shop or take a break.

The new Birdie James boutique is also located in Shelter Cove. This shop offers a collection of classic staples. Sadly, I missed the grand opening by a few days on this visit, but you can be sure I will be going there as soon as I return to the Island.

I enjoy the sport of looking for a few well-chosen pieces to add to my collection. Most of my shopping is done online these days due to my busy schedule, but I do enjoy being able to visit stores when I travel to see all of the colors and textures in person. I also enjoy watching people and studying what makes their look a success. I have learned a lot simply by watching the women whose style I admire and borrowing tips from them.

I hope that's what you do when you visit my blog. Take the information that is helpful to you and make it your own. We can look fabulous at any age, any size or on any budget.

On this brief shopping trip, I wore pieces that are easy to slip off when trying on items. The sandals are from last year by DV Dolce Vita. The pants by Tribal were a gift from The Clara Sunwoo tunic was purchased from The BCBG bag is old from T.J.Maxx. The necklace is from S.M. Bradford located in Harbour Town on Hilton Head Island. 

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

Created in collaboration with Copper Penny, and BodyLanguageByConnie
All words, styling, and creative direction are my own.


R said...

Love this look... especially the pants that looked slim fit. I was excited to follow the link but didn't seem to be the same pant . The link looked like it molded to the leg at the calf. My personal pet peeve- if it clings, hugs my flesh or even grazes the width of my calf - it's too tight for me and eventually creates material hangup at the knee. I also look for something between 25-26"- just at or slightly above the ankle. This must have been a height/shape disparity-darn! I'll keep watching the page and hunting for a pant that doesn't grazes calf but still has the "slim fit" look. It's a struggle.

Susan said...

There is a similar pant by J.Jill that you might like R. Try these

Susan said...

These are the missy sizes

Unknown said...

Great tips! I'm flying out to visit my son for two weeks, and the last leg of the journey is on a bush plane. I need to pack super light. But I'll be at his museum during the days working on their strategic planning process, so need to be able to dress professionally. Thank goodness Polyvore allows me to "practice pack". My travel wardrobe looks suspiciously like yours. Hehehe

I adore those little sandals. I tried some on last week, but found my feet said "no". They don't like the extra flat bed. They demand some level of arch support. I almost broke down in tears right there, cause they looked so darned sexy. WAAAH! :(

There are parts of aging that are deeply offensive, ya know? :D


Kristien62 said...

I know what you mean about buying outfits and having nothing to wear. So glad I discovered your blog which made me see the error of my ways (although I fell off the wagon and bought a raspberry tank, sweater and sheer cover up at Chico's which match nearly nothing I own.) Seriously though, I have been breaking up the matchy-matchies and using them in entirely different ways, inspired by your blog. Feels like I have my own personal stylist. By the way, you are the only person I have seen who can wear the open sleeve style and still look chic. Lovely.

Unknown said...

Good advice. I am going to England for a week in June. I am getting my wardrobe together and will keep your advice in mind as I shop, I have been to Hilton once and thought it was nuce.

elaine said...

"I hope that's what you do when you visit my blog. Take the information that is helpful to you and make it your own."

That's exactly what I love about reading fashion blogs... the opportunity to study different looks and learn from others like yourself. As a result, I've expanded my wardrobe in ways that I might never have tried.

Elaine @ Following Augustine

Over Fifty in Hollywood said...

Your look is spot-on. I thought you had a personal stylist, then realized you were referring to your hair stylist (past posts). And yes, your information is great as is the realization that it's possible to take it and use it to make it your own! Thank you!

Lisa Princeton Real Estate said...

I would love to see what you bring to LA and the different outfits you put together with the various pieces and accessories.

Noah Anniss said...

"Perfect timings! I am going to visit South Carolina next week and these tips are surely going to help! Thank you so much lady. Looking forward to more such blogs from your end."