Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Drive Your British Car Show

We recently attended the annual Drive Your British Car Show in Johnson City.

This year, Mr. Mickey drove his friend's vintage Bentley. There were many fabulous cars there, but the show was cut short by rain this year.

I am always so happy to see my sweet friend Natalie. As the rain started to fall, we retired to the restaurant Gourmet and Company for dinner and lots of fun conversations.

I followed my formula for dressing on this busy day. Knowing what shapes flatter your shape and which colors look good near your face, helps you to get dressed in two minutes.

A blue top and white slim fitting jeans is one of my all time favorite summer looks. Nude sandals visually extend my rather short legs. Throw on a long necklace that gives me that deep V-neckline and I am ready for just about any event.

This top is by Clara Sunwoo, and I bought it at ShopMyFairLady. The white jeans are by Tribal, and they were a gift from BodyLanguageByConnie. The necklace was a gift from French Kande.

The questions I get most often are about foundations and other shoe options.

The perfect bra for these smooth fitting tops is the Ultimate by Shapeez. Soma offers panties that do not show lines under your clothes.

My shoes are old by Gianni Bini via Dillard's. If you prefer a flat sandal, this one is similar.

I hope that my posts give you some ideas for putting together looks that help you to feel more confident and make getting dressed fun again.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

Created in collaboration with French Kande and BodyLanguageByConnie.
All words, styling, and creative direction are my own.


jmkeck said...

This color top makes your eyes pop! Great look!

Debbie Carr said...

Hi Susan! Such beautiful cars! The French Kande is nice too.

Kristien62 said...

Johnson City has so many interesting events. How nice to have different venues/opportunities for socializing and having fun. And you always look lovely and comfortable!

We enjoyed our trip through the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains so much that we look forward to going again. Hopefully in the fall. It would be a rather out of the way path to Sunset Beach, NC, but worth the diversion.

Lindy D. said...

Any thoughts on what someone who is heavier should wear in the summer? I am 5'5" and size 2x. I don't feel comfortable wearing light colored pants because of my weight. I'm stick with black pants for winter and navy for summer. What is you opinion on white pants for larger gals?

Susan Street said...

Lindy D. we have to dress to flatter our body shapes. I am larger on the top, so a dark top and light colored pants work for me. I agree with you that navy pants might be your best choice for summer. Add a lightweight top and an interesting necklace to bring the focus up to your pretty smile.

Missy said...

Love that color blue on you. Could navy work as well? I notice that you rarely wear earrings but always have beautiful necklaces. Maybe you are wearing studs and I am missing them. Can you give advice regarding coordinating the longer necklace with other jewelry?

Susan Street said...

I feel too cluttered when I wear a necklace and earrings at the same time, so I wear one or the other. When I wear dramatic earrings I skip the necklace for example.

Unknown said...

You may have saved my sanity with your link to Shapeez bras. I am big on top, prefer a minimizer, and have long wished for someone to invent a bra that would smooth the back and also eliminate all those scratchy hooks. Behold the Shapeez! I am all set to measure and order. Thank you!

Marie said...
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Andrea said...

What a fun event! Gorgeous cars! And you wore another fabulous outfit! The blue looks really nice on you! I love the neckline!

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