Thursday, January 21, 2016

Vest Love

 For the longest time, I never wore vests. In the past few years, I have fallen hard for them.

This edgy, blazer style black vest is from Fabrizio Gianni. I am still working on putting together my wardrobe for my upcoming travels. This will be the perfect third piece for warmer climates. I have become very fond of sleek fitting vests because they can give the slimming look of a jacket without being too warm or adding bulk.

Fabrizio Gianni supplied the vest and the necklace. The opinions are my own.

We shot these photos on a mild day last week. At this moment, we have six inches of snow on the ground and we are expecting another foot of snow.

The necklace set is also from Fabrizio Gianni. I love the light weight and delicate silver and gray color of the Swarovski crystals and tassels. It also looks great against a black background. Winner!

The perfect straight-leg jeans were supplied by J.Jill. I call these my Goldilocks jeans. Not too tight, not too long, not too distressed, just right! 

The shoes are old by DV Dolce Vita. The Calvin Klein bag is old via T.J.Maxx. 

The perfect for layering under everything tunic is from Covered Perfectly
(I purchased this one.)

I now invest only in pieces of good quality and basic design in the few solid colors I truly enjoy wearing. That means I can pair these pieces together in many combinations. This simple tip has helped me to build a great wardrobe that serves me well for any occasion. I wish I had followed it years ago!

Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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rosary said...

Re: Choosing only basic colors and simple design. Jamie Lee Curtis is the master of sticking to just three colors, simple lines and always, always looking fabulous --- fresh, but grownup.

Unknown said...

Like the vests.

R said...

Love that the shades are in sync....gray with gray, black with black and the white bringing the lightest of three into the mix.

Nancy Madlin said...

Love the simplicity of this outfit -- then the pop of the lush necklace. I also enjoy seeing how your great styles move so well from outfit to outfit -- like I would have assumed that the black shoes you are wearing here would not be very portable, because they are so distinctive. Yet I have seen you wear them with various outfits, and it's like they look different with different moods of clothes. I always gain something by reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Andrea said...

The vest looks great on you!