Thursday, January 28, 2016


With more than twenty-two million views on my Polyvore sets, I am often asked where I get my inspiration.

I may see pictures of young people in color and fabric combinations that spark my interest. For example below is the beautiful young blogger Alyson Haley. Her look was my inspiration for the look above. You can see from this comparison that inspiration does not mean copying to the letter. 

My interpretation includes a slim black turtleneck with a slim black blazer and supple soft plaid scarf. I never want to add bulk to my upper body. A smaller more structured bag serves me well. Faded straight leg jeans make the look more relaxed and the sophisticated loafers bring the look back up a notch.

Having great style includes knowing what looks good on your body shape. I know that I would look like a sumo wrestler in the fabulous ensemble Alyson put together but it flatters her delicate small frame beautifully.

I have always loved Ralph Lauren ads! They take me away to a world I can only dream about.

The rich colors and fabric combinations may get my attention, but my body requires thinner pieces with a more forgiving cut and smoother textures. So I will layer pieces differently in order to smooth my softer rounder shape.

Price has nothing to do with style. I know women who shop at Neiman Marcus and still manage to look a mess. I also have friends who shop at Goodwill and always look stunning. The secret is in knowing what flatters your body and how to put things together to honor you.

Inspiration helps me to create looks that are modern and youthful but I know some changes are necessary to make the look work for my body shape. I hope this exercise helps you to look at your wardrobe and the inspiration around you in a new way. 

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Unknown said...

Great post, Susan. So on target particularly the discussion on porportion. I see women wearing huge scarves that completely overwhelm them. And the comment about not needing a sizable budget to look well dressed is also right on target. Love how you translated both looks.

Donna said...

Money does not buy good taste. A now defunct fashion magazine would show an outfit three ways: high end, medium price range, and thrifted or consigned pieces. I must have been one of few women who read it. Proportion and fit is what makes an outfit shine.