Saturday, January 9, 2016

Seasonal Purge

I get the urge to purge at the beginning of each season. Now that winter is here, I am judging items and determining if they have served me well. Not just the clothing items but everything in my home. Does that candle smell weird? Does that clock keep the correct time? Does that iron work properly? Do those towels feel wonderful on my skin? 

If something I bought in the past was a mistake, I give it to someone who needs/wants it or I donate it to Goodwill or The Haven of Mercy.

I was allergic to the fabric of that red jacket. Those jeans were too distressed and the seams twisted after washing.

I look awful in khaki pants.

Tops with too much going on at the bust do not give me the desired effect.

Tailored loose fitting gray slacks (or any color of that style) are not for me.

Print blouses, khaki pants (again!) and shoes that make my feet look wide are gone.

Boxy sweaters and jackets, as well as capri pants, must go!

Memorable patterns, prints, and very bright colors are not for me.

Anything that causes me constant discomfort while wearing is now gone. Jackets that have necklines that choke me can not live in my closet!

Seeing my buying mistakes over and over again is like getting a poke in the eye. Why would I continue to live with them?

My new rule is rather simple.

"Buy only what captivates you. 
Purge from your life that which does not."

My purchases in 2015 include fewer mistakes than ever before. That makes me happy! How about you? Are you still honing your style?

Below are some items that might work nicely with what I have already.

Click on the arrow to the right to see more options.

Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing your "mistakes". So many times I buy things on a whim only to find that what looks good on the 5'10 model doesn't translate to my 5'1 stature. I am unable to wear heels because of a balance problem and with flats I look even more squat. Your blog and emails have given me the confidence to try new things. I now purchase only slim leg pants.. Wide leg or even "normal" width pants swim on me. I appreciate the tips as well as the beautiful scenery your photos provide. I never want to be frumpy again!
Thanks, Maryelizabeth

Unknown said...

You were a busy lady. My problem are all the tops I cannot fit anymore but are holding onto just in case I get back to that size.

Jan Maier said...

Great time for this blog....I'm in the midst of downsizing again...2nd time in 3 order to move closer to where most of my life happens. I love my current apartment but not the location. So I moved from Nashville where I had 2500+ sq. ft. to CT where I'm living i about 1200 sq.ft. three years ago. Now I'm moving about 5 miles away to 900 sq. ft. I'll have NO garage for storage and drastically less closet space. So downsizing is a necessity and sometimes that what I need to get rid of items that aren't right for me due to style, size, color etc. Vis a vis size, many of clothes are too big now but I've been afraid to let them go in case my inches/weight go back up. Now is the time!!!!! Have a good weekend.

Judy said...

I'm not a fan of khaki pants either. For years I wore them to work and apparently thought they looked good but a year or so ago when trying them on again, I cringed at how they looked on me....I will never buy another pair again!

As so many others have mentioned in the past, you have given me a lot of insight as to how to dress. I lost over 20 pounds last year and had to revamp my wardrobe and you have been a great help and inspiration to me.

Keep those posts and pictures coming Susan!

P.S. Not sure if you remember but I recently bought a silver cuff from your company and love it! My husband even commented on it.

Unknown said...

Love reading your blogs Susan. This one especially hit me because I too have a problem with khaki pants/slacks but couldn't figure out why. After reading today's blog, now I know why and won't waste my time trying to make khaki work for me. The outfits I put together using khaki pants look fine but when I wear them, it just plain didn't "feel" right. It now dawns on me why. Khaki makes my thighs and butt look bigger! I love khaki on other women and would try to copy the style but on me, it just didn't work. You're a jewell Susan!

Unknown said...

We are in the mood to purge so thanks for the inspiration, although we thought you looked fabulous is every outfit!

Incredulous said...

Capri pants --- my husband calls them pants that "don't know what they are"..he is right! So I am ridding myself of all the Capri's that are in my closet...thanks Susan.

MaryAJ said...

You've been quite the inspiration to me. Although I'm not yet completely sure what my style is, I am on my way to figuring it out. I now stop and think before buying that trendy item or that other item just because it is on sale. My style may end up different than yours, but the principles are the same. Thank you.

CaroleD said...

I'm glad you posted this! I keep things that are in great or good condition that I hate out of guilt and they clutter my closet and make me miserable! It makes total sense to give these items so that someone else can enjoy them! said...

Very witty comments ;) Mistakes? - my problem too . Regards Margot

Ann said...

I thought it was just me!! I look awful in khaki pants, too...sort of like a bus driver, or an usher at an arena. Lol!

Jane said...
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Unknown said...

Just say no to capris!! Lol I think they look fuddy duddy on most women. I switch to casual skirts or dresses in the summer with the shorts saved for activities or the beach. It helps me feel pulled together. Shorts do nothing for my body except make me look squat! I also have several boxy jackets to get rid of. They just don't work on me.

Beckey said...

I'm ready to purge my drawers and closet also! I have so many mistakes living in there right now. If it doesn't make me feel FABULOUS when I wear it - it is going away. And because we are speaking of purging, I should be embarrassed to admit I was tempted to ask where is the Goodwill that will be getting that red blouse.😊

Cristine said...

We have some of the same rules for what looks good on our bodies, even though our shapes are different. Mainly, getting rid of most printed tops has made me feel so much better about my style. I don't mind some busyness around the bust, since I'm small-chested, but oh, me and khaki pants don't get along at all.

Interesting to see your hair changes through the years- and how much younger the right haircut can make you look! You are at your very best! Which is SO inspiring!

Joanne said...

If you get rid of your capris, what will you wear instead? I know you don't like dresses.???

Marilyn said...

I'm in the process of jettisoning all the clutter from my wardrobe and cuoboards. Did I really need all those serving dishes and the black ball gown. No!! So they gave gone as have many other things. The weather is so awful here in Northern England that I have plenty of time to spend decluttering. My style has changed slowly during the retirement years so I need to rethink lots of clothes.

Nuts4dogs said...

I've yet to see anyone over the age of 12 who can wear capri pants aka peddle pushers. Good name for them. Only to be worn if you're riding a bike.

Luísa de Sousa said...

I´m 54 and I love your blog. I´m from Portugal and you are an inspiration to me. Thanks. Luísa Sousa

Pat said...

The book, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo has a great touch everything you own, and you only keep it if it brings you joy. This idea is so helpful. Both my husband and I worked through our wardrobe this way. We donated bags and bags of stuff. Another useful idea from Kondo is that a gift serves its purpose when it is given, so we don't need to hang onto gifts that don't bring us joy.

Prairie Poulet said...

This task can be daunting, as you see all the old clothes that no longer fit as they should. So many things in life no longer fit as they should.

The clothes are a metaphor.

The closet purge is transformative in many ways, best done when you mean business.

RoseAG said...

Aside from the first outfit, which may have been in poor lighting, I think all those outfits look neat, clean, and deliberately assembled.
I get why you are culling the things, it's your look and you get to choose it, but I think it's worth saying that they are outfits that said, "I value myself and will take the time to look decent."