Sunday, January 17, 2016

Traveling to Warmer Climates

Are you on your way to a warm weather vacation or maybe a cruise? When I am lucky enough to head south or out to L.A. during the winter months this post shows how I pack for the trip.

Any shirt that buttons all the way down the front and is generous enough in fit not to gap at the bust when closed is a great find. I love the option of being able to wear a shirt open as if it were a jacket with a whisper light tank top in summer. This shirt, tank, and pants are all from J.Jill

The cuff bracelet above is from S.M. Bradford on Hilton Head Island. The sandals are by Dolce Vita via Nordstrom last year. The tote bag is from T.J.Maxx last year. The straw hat is several years old. 

I only look for items of good quality with classic simple details that are not memorable or trendy. I always try to invest well so that I can wear my items for several years instead of just one season. Please note that I have been wearing J.Jill items for several years so some of the items I am showing you might not be available now.

Denim and white with tan accessories has been a life-long favorite color combination. 

A note about sandals. I always look for the type that have a strap or a closed back so that they stay on. I am not a fan of flip flops of any style. I wear those only on the day I have a pedicure.

These slip-on sneakers are by Sperry. They would be perfect for a day of shopping.

Fit has become much more important to me as my body ages. Sixty is a whole different ballgame than fifty! I now look for tops and jackets that skim the body and fall nicely from my shoulders.

Linen has always been one of my favorite fabrics to wear in the heat of summer. It wrinkles but as my friend The Duchess used to say, "They are rich wrinkles, just go with it." There aren't many other fabrics that breath as well or feel more comfortable in the heat and humidity. Wear a stunning piece of jewelry and awesome shoes with linen for a more polished look.

This fabulous linen tunic is from J.Jill
You can find it here.

The opal glass necklace is from S.M. Bradford on Hilton Head Island. 

The video below shows the items I would take for a five-day cruise. You might also take a bathing suit and a cover-up, a sundress or skirts. (I rarely ever wear those items, so in the interest of being totally honest with you I only included items I would actually take.) 

The key is to take things you can mix and match for different combinations that are appropriate for the occasion. (The same as my wardrobe at home but on a much smaller scale.)

You can find the super comfortable jeans that I am wearing in the video here.

These products were supplied by J.Jill.

Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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Andrea said...

Great video, Susan!

Shirts that double as a lightweight jacket are a great idea to take on a cruise and a smart investment in general. Lovely color palette, too.

Now I wish I went on a cruise! :-)

Unknown said...

Love these looks.