Friday, November 6, 2015

Angel Cardigan

Sometimes leggings, a cardigan, and a tank are all you need to look polished and put together on a busy morning.

Connie Smith owns the website BodyLanguageByConnie with her husband. They just launched the new site this past summer. When she contacted me about showing items from their new site, I declined because all their items seemed way too youthful looking for me. She convinced me to try these two items and I am so glad she did.

The leggings are made from a thick supportive dense knit and they have a shaping waistband that I love. I wear them often for these reasons.

The cardigan has a great shape and texture. I received many compliments on this look and it was very comfortable all day.

The cuff is from my own company. The necklace is by Erica Lyons from Belk. The tank is from Stein Mart by Peck and Peck. The bag is by Ralph Lauren via T.J.Maxx. The shoes are by Gianni Bini from Dillard's.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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Lisa B said...

I LOVE this outfit on you. It is very figure flattering and fits you perfectly. Yes, it is youthful but not too youthful. Thanks for deciding to try it and thanks for sharing with us!

Nancy Madlin said...

Yes, I love it, too! You are so right -- you look put together. Especially in that black and white, and with your great jewelry and accessories. Thanks for sharing this.

Janis H said...

Such a great look! I'm curious, though, with the shorter top, how do you avoid having the crotch area of the leggings reveal more than you might want (I hope I put that delicately enough). Do you wear something under the leggings to smooth that area out?

Lynn said...

I think it looks great on you. I would wear it. The cardigan covers the tush and thats important when you wear leggings.

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing your source for dense knit leggings. As I wore jeans today I was frustrated over how restricting they were. I'm a size 12 and sixty years of age, and need decent support and coverage, but want something modern and functional for my day. Preferably not yoga pants (although those have their place some days!). I will check these out!

Susan said...

Janis H., you need not worry. These are thick leggings that don't show anything you don't want to. They smooth you out everywhere almost like jeans do.

Andrea said...

Great outfit! The black & white looks wonderful on you! The leggings sound great - there is such a big difference between a thick legging that "holds things in" and the see-through variety...