Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cashmere Forever!

Can you imagine? All these years, I thought cashmere was itchy!

I obviously owned something with too much wool in it in my youth because I have long held the belief that cashmere worn next to my skin would itch. Last year I bought a sweater that changed all that! Now I am a big fan of all things cashmere.

I adore this tunic I got from J.Jill recently. It can be dressed up or down and worn with jeans or leggings or with a black skirt, tights and boots. It is so soft and not at all itchy! I have already worn it a couple of times.

I wore it for the first time to the social hour at the Innisfree B&B last Friday with black jeans and boots. It was the perfect low-key casual elegant piece for the informal gathering with the other guests. 

Wearing a variety of subtle textures has always appealed to me. I like the idea of wearing a mink scarf with this tunic along with animal print booties to a holiday party.

I could remove the scarf and wear animal print flats for a similar but less dressy option. The wide gold cuff with faux pearls from Chico's is the perfect accessory for an elegant finishing touch.

I have several pieces of cashmere from J.Jill and there are others I have my eye on. I am so glad I gave cashmere another try!

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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nanniepat said...

The different options for so many occasions is what I love about your blog!! From chic to comfy.

Mom said...

Very nice tunic! I love red and leopard. Sadly, I cannot wear cashmere. Last week I tried on a beautiful Talbots cashmere sweater. I couldn't get it off fast itchy....I love the look of it.

Jan Maier said...

I'm so glad that JJill began offering cashmere them too!

Unknown said...

Good morning from Tasmania, Australia. Down this far we have a short summer and longer cool months. I have acquired quite a cashmere collection and love it. It's light but so warm and perfect for layering for work or home. Last count - 15 pieces, way too many but I love them all. :)

Lynn said...

I like the way with a few accessory changes, you have different looks with the same top and pants. Red really looks good on you Susan.

Urbanite said...

Good post! As a knitter, I know that it all depends on the quality of the cashmere, and surprisingly this doesn't mean that it must be a very expensive garment. When the cashmere includes "guard hairs", it will be itchy. If you look closely at itchy cashmere, you'll see the short, thicker hairs in the fabric or yarn. No guard hairs, no itch.

With cheap preparation, the processor doesn't remove the outer hairs from the cashmere fiber before spinning the yarns and that spells trouble for the end user. The reputable processors remove all hairs but the downy undercoat.

Donna said...

Gorgeous color on you! A good quality cashmere is heaven to wear.