Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snowed in ... again!

Another snowy weekend means I am mostly staying inside and waiting for the storm to pass.

I had plans to wear something much more exciting today, however a pending snow storm changed those plans. I've heard the way to make God laugh is to tell him your plans.

Here I am in my old reliable layers and easy to walk in Clarks shoes with my wet weather faux fur hat. Mickey was taking me out for a quick lunch before the roads got too dangerous to travel on. 

Snow fell for the whole afternoon. I woke up to several inches of snow today. 
It's so beautiful, but absolutely no fun to drive in!

This is my back yard view from the side street after our last snow storm a few weeks ago. 

What do you do when you are snowed in?

On this evening, Mickey and I sat in front of the fire with snacks and Scotch and waters listening to piano music playing the background. (Those are my favorite linen napkins with antique French post card scenes on them.) I don't own a TV so we read, talk, share our dreams, laugh at our silly jokes and make plans for when the warm weather returns.

While we were having lunch in a nice restaurant earlier today I noticed something. How does one instantly know who the hostess, the waiter, the owner, the chef or the busboy is?

....By the way they are dressed of course.

What does your daily way of dressing say about you? Remember fashion is unspoken communication to those who see you but more importantly it can make you feel much more confident in the way you see yourself. You don't need to be the dressed to the nines everyday but do put some thought into your outfit and try to show your personality and look your best. You never know who you might run into today!

Thank you so much for reading.

Have a safe and happy week!


mel said...

Thank you for your posts. They are inspiring me.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Hear, hear to your last paragraph, Susan. That is how I came up with my Foundational Five way of so works for me when I am consistent to do it.
You look pretty great for a snow the hat! We are having spring in San Antonio..a little early this year. I have only worn an over coat about five times...and I am sad about that. I love winter dressing but our winter is so short. Have a lovely day by the fire...sounds perfect!

Unknown said...

Love that Hat!

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

I just found you via Visible Monday. Beautiful pics. You make me hungry!

Unknown said...

Wow that looks so cold. I love your beautiful blue coat with that furry hat. So classy.

Patti said...

Gorgeous winter photos, of both outside and inside your home - thanks so much for sharing with Visible Monday!

Linda said...

I stumbled across your blog a couple of days ago and love it! Your home is gorgeous. I needed to read your advice at the end because I've been slipping lately. You're right, when I dress nicer, I feel better. My husband would die if we didn't have TV. I like TV but don't love it. And lastly, I LOVE your new hairstyle and want it! Have to find a stylist and see what will work for me.

gracefully50 said...

We eat when we're snowed in! A big pot of brunswick stew!
I agree with you about looking your best. It does make a difference in how you feel.
Btw, you look gorgeous in your snow attire!