Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nice Legs!

Would you dare to go out in a dress with bare legs?

What's in your sock drawer?

For daytime I always wear pantyhose with dresses, skirts and dressier pants. My own preference is to wear Hanes® Silk Reflections®  sheer pantyhose. The color "Barely There" is very close to my own and they are not super tight or shiny. I always have an unopened package of both "Barely There" and "Jet" on hand. I wear sheer black for evening with black pants and black shoes. If I wear any other color of shoes I wear nude hose. (For example black hose with silver shoes is just wrong.)

Nude means the color of your skin, not the name on the package. You may have to experiment to find the color that is right for you. Be sure to check the color on your legs in natural light. This rule also applies to wearing nude shoes and finding the perfect neutral nude bag. If you match your skin tone you will be able to wear these neutral items with most of the colors in your closet.

These shoes from my closet show the wide variety of tones that could be considered nude. The shoe second from the right happens to be the color that is closest to my own skin tone so it is my perfect nude.

In warm weather I get regular pedicures and wear open toe shoes and sandals but I rarely wear a dress. If I do it is longer than knee length and the shoes are the main focus. 

With jeans or any casual pants, I wear crew socks in the a tone close to the color of the pants. For example navy with dark wash jeans would work best. Crew socks are the best length for me since I have thick calves. If I wear trouser socks the band at the top may show through the line of the pants. The pant leg often drags or clings to the trouser socks as I move so I no longer buy those. 

If you sit down and cross your legs and the pant legs ride above the top of your socks showing bare leg you might want to consider wearing tights instead. Opaque tights are excellent for added warmth in winter. They look great with boots and shorter skirts too!

At this time in our lives bare legs in a dress can be the wrong look for us even if we are toned and tanned. I often see women over forty in the entertainment business being interviewed on some late night show. The ones who show up with bare legs never look quite as polished. 

The skin is made up of 3 layers - the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. As we age the supportive tissue layers become thinner so the upper skin layers sag and become thinner and dryer. We also often have issues with veins that show through thinning skin after forty. 

I feel more confident and well dressed wearing proper foundations including the appropriate legwear.

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

Thank you for reading my blog.


alethia said...

Great review. I wear trouser sock, knee highs, stocking, panty hose, etc. Not wearing hosiery is the fashionable today. In my humble opinion it does not look great on women of a certain age if your legs are not up to par. Some of the women I see without stockings.... I will not say no more

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these excellent tips and for a peek into your shoe closet. I am happy to have found your blog. Best to you always,

Meg Ringrose said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks you for sharing you tips. I always look forward to your blog. I'm confident that if I follow your example I'll be dressing with class and style!


Camille said...

I agree with Aletheia. There are some women who can get by without hose, I'm not one of them. I just feel more "polished" with hose on if I'm wearing a dress or skirt.

Judith said...

This is great advice for women in cooler climates but not so practical when the average day time temperature where I live in south Eastern Australia is around 85F for all of January and Febuary. I generally do not wear any sort of hosiery from about mid November to around April. Smoooth legs and feet, clean and polished toe nails are the way to go