Sunday, July 3, 2016

Travel To L.A.

Thank you for all of your emails and messages last week. 
I missed you too! 

I am back from a week in Los Angeles modeling for Covered Perfectly and visiting with my dear friend Pauline Durban, who created the company.

Mr. Mickey took me to the airport early in the morning on Sunday. I wore the black and white Wendy, Covered Perfectly top with black Tribal pants to travel. The silver flat sandals are by Michael Shannon from DSW shoes. The handbag is old by Cole Haan, and the luggage is by CALPAK. Both items are from T.J.Maxx.

One of the days I was in L.A. I spent roaming around the mall at Sherman Oaks. It was over 100 degrees each day, so outside activity was kept to a minimum. I wore old Vince Camuto sandals and an old wrap over top from Saks Off 5th the layers help to hide my tummy, and the off white color looks great with Lior Paris khaki pants from The reason I like these pants so much is that they have a smooth wide waistband to wear with all my Covered Perfectly tops. There are no lumps bumps and zippers to show under the luxurious knit fabric. Since I never fully tuck in a top, that is the only type of pants I buy these days.

It was so great to catch up with my talented and beautiful young friend Lex Mejia, who has been the makeup artist for Covered Perfectly shoots for years. On the day of the shoot, I wore the black Fit and Flare over leggings by Hue.

Above is one of the photos from this shoot. I am modeling the great looking Simple Comfort Patterned, a new Covered Perfectly top. This is a great gray top to wear with white, blue or black blazers or vests with jeans. You already know I love that!

An unbelievable amount of work and days of preparation goes into a photoshoot. When it is over, we breathe a sigh of relief and take a day off to have lunch on the beach, at eye level with the Pacific Ocean!

The Sunset Restaurant at Malibu has a bank of windows that open to a fabulous view of the beach. You can feel the ocean breeze on your face as you dine.

Pauline says, "Can you guess who had what for lunch?"

On another night, we had dinner with a couple of friends at a wonderful restaurant in Brentwood. Pauline asked the server for mayonnaise to put on her slightly dry turkey burger. She replied, "Oh we don't have mayonnaise. We are a vegan restaurant." I am surprised Pauline didn't ask her from what plant they got that turkey burger?

While in Malibu, we visited with one of Pauline's longtime friends who lives on a hill overlooking the Pacific.

I was fascinated with her friend's gardens. Agave is such a majestic plant!

Below is her friend's sweet blue-eyed pup!

A fabulous starfish was on a bench outside her front door.

Below is the entrance to another mall. I love all those palm trees in California!

After a long and productive week, it was time to return home to Tennessee. I snapped this photo as we were about to land.

Mr. Mickey was there to pick me up. Can you imagine all the attention he got as we walked through the airport carrying a card, candy, and flowers to meet me?

I wore my old Chico's top with the silver do-dads over black Lior Paris pants to travel home.

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Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

All words, styling, and creative direction are my own.
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Judi Hume said...

Susan, it looks like you had a wonderful trip! As always, you inspire me to try to do better. I enjoyed this post very much. Thank you and welcome back!

Unknown said...

It looks like you had a productive and fun week. And Mr. Mickey has my vote for most romantic greeter! Welcome home.

Unknown said...

I was missing your posts - forgot your trip out west even though I watched your "how to pack" video 😑. Will need that kind of help since I'm planning a trip to Italy in November. Glad you are back!

Mom said...

Another great week you had. Super sweet welcome from Mr. Mackey! Love that black and white top in the first photo.

Prairie Poulet said...

What a dapper and romantic gentleman. True love!

The trip looks like a dream.The closest I can come to the tropical look is daylilies in my yard.

And about the heat...When I once live in a place with 120% humidity and temperatures in the mid-30s C., I suffered in the summer. After living there for a year, my diet had changed to the local fare: vegetables, fish, chicken and rice -- no red meat, minimal bread and gluten, and very little dairy. The next summer's heat was the same, but I tolerated the heat much better. Hmmm.

As for the no zip and no button pants, I love the comfort of the pairs I own, but curvy fit works best with waistbands that have buttons and zips. Oh well.

thepoutingpensioner said...

Great to have you back, Susan. It looks like you had an amazing time.
You look so fresh in the ivory and light khaki combo.

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful way to be welcomed home. Mr. Mickey looks so handsome and happy that you are back.

belles53 said...

Susan, beautiful clothing and beautiful views. Thanks for sharing. And that Mr. Mickey....what a great guy!

KC said...

Beautiful photos of your fun trip to CA! You looked wonderful! I love palm trees too! So sweet of Mr. Mickey to greet you with gifts - love that!

Sherrie said...

I love smooth waistband pants. I have been purchasing them rather than zip ones, lately. A couple of years ago I noticed that the bottom of my tops were getting small holes in them. I have decided that it is probably from the edge of regular paints, where they come together. I think they rub on my shirt causing the holes. I will be looking at some of the smooth waistband pants that you have purchased.

Unknown said...

looked like a perfect welcome back, hope u all have a wonderful 4th of july.

Unknown said...

While I can't welcome you back as suave yas Mr. Mickey did, it's good to see you had a great time and got home safely!

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

Thanks for sharing your trip details. I enjoyed it.