Saturday, July 9, 2016


 On a recent sunny Saturday, we had lunch in Jonesborough at the Cuban-inspired restaurant, The Dining Room.

The Dining Room is moving eight miles west to downtown Johnson City later this year. Planning for a November grand opening, the menu will remain the same as The Dining Room, but the name of the restaurant will change to “Sabores,” which is “flavor” in Spanish.

Many times, I have been asked how I keep my weight the same while eating out so often. I also get questions about what I order when we dine out. At this particular restaurant, I order the grilled portobello mushroom sandwich with a side salad.

Most places will be happy to prepare a meatless dish for you. I always stress that I do not want potatoes, rice or pasta. I often tell them no bread. Vegetarian does not mean pasta with oil, cheese, butter, and cream.

If I am dining with a group and everyone is ordering three or four courses, I won't hesitate to order three different small salads with dressing on the side. Many nicer restaurants offer more than one type of salad. I always order the ones without meat. I rarely finish everything on my plate.

We don't eat at fast food places.

When I am traveling, I carry raw almonds or walnuts or some organic trail mix and a piece of fruit. I buy a bottle of water after I get through security. I never get the food and snacks offered on the plane.

This comfortable casual Saturday afternoon look includes a super lightweight white shirt with pockets by Focus via The shirt is almost sheer, so I am wearing a camisole under it so that the Jag Jeans are not showing through. I bought the Jag Jeans from The Fig Leaf in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

The platform shoes are by Rampage via Belk last year.

The fun clutch bag is from one of my other favorite shops, Carriage Trade Antiques also in Blowing Rock. When I bought this bag, Mr. Mickey questioned my choice because he knows I rarely buy anything so memorable. After seeing it paired with many of the solid separates I love to wear, he gets it.

I saw the attractive lady shown below as she was going into a store and asked if I could take her picture for the blog. She had a great asymmetric hairstyle that was very short in the back.

Jonesborough is the oldest town in Tennessee. Jonesborough was established seventeen years before Tennessee was granted statehood in 1779.

I hope your weekend adventures take you to beautiful places with excellent food!

I always share where I get the items I am wearing if I can remember. The source is often because they carry so many of the lines I find comfortable and fit with my style.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

All words, styling, and creative direction are my own.
I no longer accept products in exchange for reviews.


Marie said...

I've always loved a unique white shirt with jeans and you look great Susan and the gal you photographed looks so stylish. Love the hair cut!!

Unknown said...

Just wanted to tell you that my grandsons weeding is next Saturday and I am wearing the tunic and pants outfit from ShopMyFairLady that you modeled in one of your blogs. I would never have found it on my own. Thanks, Susan

wishing and hoping said...

Hello Susan.
Love this casual look of light denim and crisp white shirt. You look lovely. And the shoes are a perfect complement to the outfit.

Often you mention the kind of meals you have, as part of the changes you made to your lifestyle.
I think it's fantastic that you have been able to do away with many processed foods and keep to whole foods to improve your well-being.
I am curious though - and please forgive me - given the lower energy content in most vegan/vegetarian diets (apart from some natural fats in fruit/nuts etc)- are you finding that you are continuing to lose weight or has your body now found a natural state of balance?
When you embarked on healthy eating, did you also change how you exercised to fit in with your change in lifestyle?
I think as we pass 40-50 our bodies behave in such bizarre ways and there tends to be a lot of trial and error in what works best for us.
Would love to hear your ideas on this.
Thanks so much Susan. Helen

Cynthia said...

My sister and her husband moved to Jonesborough last year, and my husband and I recently visited them. It is a beautiful city, rich with history and beautiful people. Planning another trip soon.

Susan said...

I have always enjoyed going for long walks and that continues to be most of my exercise. I am very active all day and rarely sit still for very long. My weight has stayed at about 145 for more than four years.

Sherrie said...

I just love when you stop random people and to take a picture of them for your blog. They must be tickled pink.

Prairie Poulet said...

There's that lovely shade of blue you were wearing yesterday, Susan. It's a gorgeous color on your new acquaintance, too.

Thank you for showing us all the beautiful historical buildings. I feel like I'm travelling when I read your blog, and look forward to what each day brings.

Anonymous said...

I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, which is devastating to me. I am having a hard time dining in restaurants and when traveling. It seems these are times where it is harder to eat a low carb, non-processed food diet. So, your suggestions are very helpful to me. I recently ordered a lovely salmon dinner with salad and no mention of side dishes. It was delivered with potatoes which I shouldn't eat very much of. I will follow your suggestion and tell the waiter up front "I do not want potatoes, rice or pasta." Seems simple, but never thought of it.

Best wishes, Lindy

Unknown said...

My comments seem to never make it, but I have started the Eat to Live diet, also hope to keep it up. You look great!

Sharon said...

LOVE the shoes!!!!!

Babs said...

Love your casual and comfy outfit.
You always have such great ideas for taking something very simple like a white shirt and jeans, and 'kicking it up a notch', as you did with that great clutch and cute wedge sandals.
I really admire your healthy lifestyle. I'm such a foodie that I'd never be able to follow your choices for very long, though. :) Thanks for the inspiration in both style and health.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed this post so much! Lovely advice, styling, and beautiful scenery 😍

Kristien62 said...

I love seeing pictures of the beautiful area in which you live, in addition to the fabulous outfits you put together. Right now, I am watching the news and hope that the violent storms in Tennessee are nowhere near where you live. God bless.

Unknown said...

Susan, you manage to look elegant even when wearing just jeans and a shirt. I know it's the way you hold yourself and your accesories. I think the woman you photographed looked great. Thanks for sharing your day.