Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tribal Favorites

Warm weather casual looks have always been a challenge for me.

I am much more comfortable in my jacket and jeans with a tank combo but when the temperatures climb I must create a cooler look to work with my figure challenges.

The perfect fit for my personal styling formula includes looks like this one. This top is actually called Can't Go Wrong. Body Language by Connie sent this look including these fabulous jean style crops by Tribal.

I had never tried any of the Tribal brand items until Connie sent me a pair of white pull-on jeans earlier this year. I have worn those at least once a week ever since! Those pants are so comfortable, and the fit and length are perfect for me. These crop pants from Tribal are just as comfortable.

The kick pleat detail on the back of the leg is so creative!

Wearing these wedge sandals from Dillard's a couple of years ago helped to visually elongate the chopped off look that crop pants sometimes give my short lower legs. These stop at the point that my leg starts to get slimmer rather than on the widest part of my calf. That detail is always important to me when I wear any dress or cropped pants. Never stop a hem at your least favorite part!

This look would also be great for the woman who has a pear shape. The zipper pocket details of the shirt lift the eye up and if tucked in, would define the smaller waist of the pear shape. The black pants with simple lines are very flattering, and the dark color on the bottom formula is perfect for the pear shape.

Because I have an inverted triangle shape with a wide waistline, I rarely tuck in a top. This hemline is slightly lower in the back which makes it very flattering for me as well. The fabric is whisper lightweight so I can wear it even when our hot weather arrives.

The old clutch bag I found years ago at T.J.Maxx brought in the fun pop of red I really like with black and white. The coin bracelet was supplied by French Kande.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

Created in collaboration with Body Language by Connie and French Kande.
All words, styling, and creative direction are my own.


Unknown said...

I am a "pear", so use this most of the time (dark on bottom). Like you, I prefer layers, and the heat is a challenge. I've found some great cotton tanks that allow me to layer with long linen shirts for casual wear. Business casual remains a challenge for this 58 yr old body during the hot weather. Wonder what solutions other pears have found to this??? (I love your blog! I've been much more thoughtful about my choices since reading it, and feeling better for it.)

Dianne Lucas said...

Hi Susan, you know I love you blog and follow it all the time. I am not sure if you would call me a Pear shape but I am bigger at top, small waist and hips of course but not big hips. I work as you know every day so I have to deal with cooler in the office. Can you give me some advice.


Susan said...

Dianne, I suggest finding a shorter more fitted style of cardigan or jacket that you can throw on over what you wore to the office that day. A jacket that is shorter will likely be more flattering on you since one that stops at the widest part of your hips or even below that line can draw attention to the hip area.

Prairie Poulet said...

I like Tribal, and have since high school. Tribal and a pear: bonus!

Joanne said...

This year I have forgone the pocketed cotton capris for more fitted cropped pants. I find them slimming, comfortable and they don't wrinkle. I also bought some fairly sheer 3/4 sleeve tops that I wear tanks under ( picking up one of the colors). They make me feel slimmer and more put together than the cotton Capri/ tee look. Reading fashion blogs, such as yours, has helped me step up my game.

Anonymous said...

As always, good advice Susan. I like that you recycle your accessories.

Babs said...

Your post came at the perfect time, because I've been standing in my closet trying to decide how to update my summer wardrobe. I'm just under 5'2' and pear shaped, and always find summer clothing choices a challenge, especially capris or pedal pushers and what tops to wear. Love your suggestions for elongating the body and especially the two outfits you chose in the January post, "Traveling to Warmer Climates". (I'm usually a tank-and-shirt person, too). Thanks again for all your suggestions.

Canuck-Girl said...

So great to. See you in a print again; have always loved Tribal pants. These look great on you.

thepoutingpensioner said...

I'm hunting for a jacket at the moment. I'll try that tip with the length, Susan. For so long I've thought the longer the jacket, the more it conceals, but maybe I need mix things up a bit.

Unknown said...

I like this look. The top looks comfortable but still fashionable.

RoseAG said...

One thing that shirt has going for it is the curved shirt tail hem.
I'm pear-shaped and shirts that length can be unflattering as they create a horizontal line at my hip/thigh, which is a wide spot on me. The curved hem gets around that.