Tuesday, May 3, 2016

To Necklace or Not

 My friends at ShopMyFairLady have discovered a new casual line for us.

They sent me this navy blue crinkle cardigan by Focus recently. I am wearing a size medium over a size medium Clara Sunwoo mid length tank top. The ankle skimmer jeans are old from Chico's. The BCBG bag is old from T.J.Maxx as are the Kenneth Cole Reaction sunglasses. The Jessica Simpson sandals are old from Nordstrom (I think). The fabulous necklace was a gift from Mr. M., and it is by French Kande.

I wore a short necklace rather than a long necklace here because this look needed a more structured lift to counterbalance the length, texture and form of the jacket and the longer hip-length of the smooth tank. 

Many people ask me about the rules for wearing a necklace. What length? When to wear a necklace and when to not? What style? I base that decision upon the item I am wearing near my face. If the jacket is structured and dramatic like the jacket I wore in the post for yesterday; I let it stand alone. I wore a simple pair of small wide crystal hoops paired with bracelets and a bold watch to finish the look because a necklace would have detracted from the jacket. Accessories should complement, not clutter your look.

I wore this necklace which is structured and bold for the same reason I didn't wear a necklace yesterday. It complements the texture and flowing nature of the cardigan. The same flowing shape and length in a necklace would have been too much flowing in one look. It would have visually pulled down my face whereas this short more structural necklace lifts the eyes to my face.

I got dressed in minutes right after my morning run because I had to be at my warehouse on very short notice thanks to my adorable accountant. I am wearing practically no makeup, and my hair is still wet from the shower. You will likely never see a more unplanned photoshoot! I got out of my car and handed Mr. Mickey the camera and said, "Quick, take some pictures!" We were both super busy. (Conveniently, our warehouses are side by side, and we share a back parking lot.)

This Focus cardigan is light as a whisper! I love that it can be worn with any of my jeans and a tank top to look polished and put together while remaining cool and comfortable. It will become a summer staple for me this year. 

Later in the day, I went to my favorite sushi place for a quick lunch after all the urgent tasks were accomplished. There is beautiful young Japanese girl who is often our server there. She barely speaks any English at all, and yet she told me, "You look so elegant!" I hugged her and almost cried. I certainly did not feel elegant, but her sweet comment made my whole day.

When you visit the ShopMyFairLady site, enter SusanStreet at checkout now through Mother's day to get 15% off your purchase. (The discount will be given by way of a refund after your purchase has been completed.)

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

Created in collaboration with ShopMyFairLady.
All words, styling, and creative direction are my own.


Unknown said...

I like this look. For just being last minute thrown together, you look great!

Prairie Poulet said...

I love that style of cardigan. This is a key element to "Susan Style". I have learned much, with much more to learn.

When I lived in Japan, I learned the way of dressing like a Japanese woman. They tend to keep it simple, with a limited number of high quality pieces, good shoes and a good handbag. Designer pieces are often part of this look. Disposable fashion is the realm of teenagers there. I think it might actually cost less to dress this way, as timeless quality pieces cost less per wear over several years. Also the "Susan" way, is it not?

Kristien62 said...

That is a stunning cardigan. Navy looks lovely on you. I am considering the gray version.

I have been stumbling over my jewelry selections as I try to add a few pieces to my small collection. It isn't easy to choose the right piece to wear. Your suggestions are quite helpful. I just purchased a short, unstructured sweater to wear for summer which I intend to wear with a slightly longer top. I haven't hit upon the right necklace to wear so I just stick with a bracelet and earrings.

Missy said...

I like the new top and it seems to be the same material throughout the garment. It looks lightweight and you look very pulled together. Thank you for the advice on long and short necklaces. Do you ever layer long and short ? I love the beautiful open shoulder tunics that you wear and wondered if layers would work?

Susan said...

Layering necklaces works if you are going for drama. Just be careful about looking cluttered rather than bolder. It is better to create one bold long necklace with layers rather than filling in from top to bottom with necklaces of different lengths. (In my humble opinion.)

Anonymous said...

I just bought this cardigan and love it. You were right when you described it as whisper light but you have to feel the material to appreciate it.