Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Welcome Home!

Never having children of my own has meant that I "adopt" the children of my close friends and cousins. Watching these young people grow into adults gives me great pride as I celebrate their milestones in life and cheer them on in their achievements.

Mr. Mickey and I recently joined our dearest friends to welcome home their first born son, Spencer. He has spent the last four years studying and working in Europe and Brazil. His expertise is landscape architecture and urbanism. It is fascinating to see the global projects he has worked on!

It was a beautiful warm sunny day so I wore an old mixed media cardigan from Peter Nygard via Dillard's. It has a faux leather trimmed front combined with a knit sweater back and sleeves. The gray tank and ankle length jeans are both from Chico's last year. The Coptic cross pendants necklace is from Monkee's of Johnson City. The suede and faux reptile trim short boots are by Vince Camuto via Nordstrom a couple of years ago. 

Investing in pieces that are classic and timeless means you can walk into your closet and put on almost any comfortable for the weather combination of solid colors and be out the door in three minutes. This is a wardrobe necessity for busy women like us!

I always get teary eyed at airport homecomings. This was certainly no exception!

Spencer, we wish you great success as you begin your new adventure in life and put to use some of the many things you have learned these past few years.

Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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emmapeelDallas said...

What a day brightener! Thanks for posting this! And as always, you look terrific!

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